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Electronic/Dance Act Demented Sound Mafia's Single "This Is How I Feel"

01-14-2014 | Music Releases

Los Angeles/Tel Aviv natives Demented Sound Mafia are bringing a new wave of electronic/dance music for the world to hear. These extreme sports enthusiasts have created sounds the dive into the sub-genres of glitch, electro-pop, and so on. This collective have been featured in film trailers ranging from different genres. With their clever beats it is easy to see why movies pick up their music. It has that type of quality to be put in movies.

Their new single "This Is How I Feel" has a combination of beats that certainly make you feel something and high-pitched vocals that aren't annoying but get you going. This debut single is just the right amount of beats and quality vibes that can stay in your head and make you move. It has a deep base that can pulse through your body. And the vocals, even though high-pitched and semi-robotic, don't even bother or ruin the beat of this magnetic and hypnotizing song. Demented Sound Mafia is a group that has a promising future in the electronic music. If "This Is How I Feel" isn't proof that they can manage different forms of electro music and still make it sound awesome then you need to look and hear again.

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