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Britpop Goes To the Circus: The Cocksure Lads Groove with Circus Performers and Go Go Girls on January 24th

01-09-2014 | Band News

On Friday January 24th, The Cocksure Lads will unveil their second CD, "MAD LAD PLAN" at the First Annual Cocksure Circus at Revival Bar on College Street in Toronto.

THE COCKSURE LADS are Murray Foster (Great Big Sea/Moxy Früvous), Mike Ford (Moxy Früvous/Canada In Song), Tim Bovaconti (Ron Sexsmith/Burton Cummings) and Blake Manning (The Heartbroken). They will be joined that night by aerialists, fire spinners, fake fortune tellers and magicians, and Les Coquettes Cabaret.

The Cocksure Lads started as an in-joke between Moxy Früvous bandmates Murray Foster and Mike Ford in the 90's. The two began writing loving parodies of early sixties bands like Jerry and the Pacemakers, and the project just kept growing. "In 2010, we recorded a couple of the songs, thinking it would be a one-off," says Mike Ford. "But when Tim Bovaconti and Blake Manning added drums and guitar solos to the songs, The Cocksure Lads became a real band."

The music is only part of the fun of seeing the band live, as the band members dress in mod 60's outfits and speak in character with British accents. "It's a buzz being transported back to an era we love," says Foster. "When people get up and start grooving to our songs (and they do) we've done our job. We also strongly encourage the wearing of Go Go boots."

The band is also the inspiration behind the upcoming film The Cocksure Lads Movie, featuring appearances by Serena Ryder, Alan Doyle (Great Big Sea) and Walk Off The Earth, scheduled for filming in April 2014.

In the movie, The Cocksure Lads come to Canada on their first ever tour, break up, but then ultimately discover what it means to be a band.

Since that first album, "The Greatest Hits of The Cocksure Lads", The Cocksure Lads sound has grown in scope, adding horns, strings and huge harmonies. The new CD, "MAD LAD PLAN," continues their exploration into the imagined world of The Cocksure Lads.

Tickets to the Cocksure Circus and Album Release Party can be purchased at for $20.

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