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Indie Folk Artist Cud Eastbound Releases Furcula "Little Fork"

12-31-2013 | Music Releases

On December 15, 2013 All We've Got Records released Nova Scotia folk artist Cud Eastbound's third full length album, titled Furcula "Little Fork".

Originally from Montreal, QC, Cud Eastbound has been residing on the East coast for the past six years. From local cafes, speakeasies, and bars to national tours - Cud can be found playing his unique breed of stripped down poetic folk. His way with words, coupled with his infectious banjo and guitar hooks, have generated him a small but loyal following in the indie folk scene across Canada, and a growing following in the United States.

Furcula "Little Fork", is written in Cud's classic style of optimism despite adversity, and will bring you to your greatest sense of loss before reminding you that you still have the opportunity to grow and change.

Recorded with one microphone in a forest on PEI, the rawness of the album portrays a stripped down version of Cud - a version that couldn't suit his honest style any better. Cudís strongest album to date, both lyrically and technically, Furcula "Little Fork" helps set a standard for the crossover of contemporary folk and indie folk.

The full album can be streamed at

To request a physical copy for review, please contact All We've Got Records at

All We've Got Records is an independent record label based in Halifax, NS Canada. We are dedicated to supporting emerging artists from Eastern Canada and North Eastern USA.

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