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Brit rock band Operator launches debut CD on 11 Jan 2014

12-30-2013 | Music Events

Operator: infused with the mighty power of the great British rock groups of past and present, something powerful emerges. Operator draws on a pool of musical talent and experience to create their own unique sound. Fiercely independent, they have sharpened their songs against the grindstone of countless festivals and shows around Hong Kong. Now, finally, they will be unveiling their debut album "Observatory Road" to an unsuspecting world.

The Brit Rock foursome will take the stage on Saturday 11 January at Backstage to play tracks from "Observatory Road". Sharing in their glory will be Hong Kong greats: Bank Job and The Sleeves. Mark this momentus occasion by coming down to Backstage for a night of the best original music in town!

Operator "Observatory Road" CD Launch
Saturday 11 January 2014
8pm - 11pm
Backstage, 1/F., 52-54 Wellington St, Central
HK$220 on door (ticket price includes a CD)
HK$180 in advance (via ticketflap or Backstage)
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