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PDS Entertainment Announces HI-Tech HNA NETWORK

12-24-2013 | Radio News

It will be set to launch on January 1, 2014; streaming 24/7 with the hottest new music, talent and programming from around the globe. HNA Network will feature a variety of live shows, events, and original broadcasting.

The HNA Network empowers artists; giving them ample opportunities to showcase their music, along with giving groups and individuals the chance to create original programming for broadcast on HNA's radio/TV/mobile web channel. The 24-hour live audio and HD video streams is set to start immediately; later shows such as HNA Live (spotlights today's emerging artist, their music interviews and videos), The Attic (60's 70's and 80's with sound with commentary on happenings of the time), and even fantasy football shows, among other show types will be scheduled as programing expands.

Commercial ad and show spots will be available for everyone starting at unbelievable low price of $29 a month or $5 daily/event. HNA Gateway allows one to stream live or prerecorded events to a broad audience, and provides you analytic reports of viewership. Be sure to mark your calendars, the fun will be all starting on New Year's day with 24/7 music stream and list of scheduled shows.

For more information or to submit show idea email "Show Idea" in Subject

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