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Musician Composer Inspirational Rapper "Positivity" Speaks Volumes on Life Transformations In his New Song "Keep Going"

12-23-2013 | Music Releases

New York, NY - Positivity A.K.A Spencer Millius is a former Berklee College of Music musician and a gifted composer through spiritual inspiration. He states "many of the lyrics I create are a divine link of those that have I long admired and who have passed on."

He new release "Keep Going," an anthem of a song with a strong message that goes right to the heart of the human experience. "The song paints a vivid portrait on how to press forward through life's trials, says Positivity and it is my hope that it serves as an inspirational vehicle helping to empower and transform those who experience any form of adversity."

Positivity is currently a pledged disciple at the Antioch Baptist Church in Bedford Hills, NY.

You can find his music on YouTube by typing in Spencer Millius and playing the videos beginning with Positivity.

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