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MONCH'ERIE - NO SANTA - New video on MTV

12-22-2013 | Video News

Born and raised in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, the 19 year old MonCherie is a superstar on the rise. This St. Lucia beauty has been singing since the young age of 5. She grew up listening to and imitating a lot of reggae and dancehall artists, thus, planting the seed from an early age to become a star.

Like Beyonce', MonCherie is a triple threat. The former beauty pageant winner can sing, dance and act.

"I am a dancer. Dancing is an important part of my culture," she emphasizes.

She's also a talented song-writer who is inspired by artists such as Patra, Nicki Minaj, Diana Ross, Vybz Kartel and Rihanna. MonCherie's style is a seductive mix of R&B with a touch of Caribbean riddims! She is what Aaliyah would have sounded like if she had grown up in the West Indies!

"Singing is my safe haven, a place where I can express myself and be happy no matter how bad life is at the moment." - MonCherie

No residing in New Jersey, MonCherie still reps the Caribbean as well as the Tri-State area. She's currently finishing her degree in Mass Communications at Bloomfield College. She speaks two different languages, English and French and she supports all research for cancer and the Green Heart Foundation at her school.

The rising star is highly intelligent and socially conscious. She simply wants to make her family proud and she wants to one day become the ambassador of St. Lucia.

With a few short films already completed, and an album almost done, MonCherie is loaded and ready to burst onto the scene in 2014. Look out for new songs and videos!

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