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VITNE Releases Anticipated Debut Album 'Neon'

12-06-2013 | Music Releases

Norway's VITNE has released his eagerly anticipated debut album, 'Neon', available as mp3, CD, and limited edition USB direct from

Back in 2010 VITNE teamed up with guitarist Julian Angel for the first time to make the acclaimed album "Harder Than You" by the band SEKS. In 2012 SEKS disbanded and Vitne desired a serious solo record and began work on 'Neon'. The first single 'Destroyer' recently won "Best Music Video" in hard rock by the Akademia Awards.

'Neon' is the result of VITNE's love of both 80s hair metal and Japanese visual rock. Influenced over the years by rock greats like Billy Idol, Kiss, X Japan, and Gackt, VITNE fused 'Neon' into life with a truly unique sound and style, from the heavy guitar-driven "Destroyer" to the synth semi-ballad "Silhouette".

For fans of hair metal, glam, sleaze, and visual rock.

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Rock Stakk Records (Japan):

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