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Angelina LAVO Releases "Party Neva Ends (Gazzo Remix)" on Spotify and ITunes

12-04-2013 | Music Releases

On December 2nd 2013, Angelina LAVO released, "Party Neva Ends (Gazzo Remix)" on Spotify, ITunes and all major digital retailers.

J Gazzo's remix of "Party Neva Ends" is rumored to feature on Angelina LAVO's 2014 album The Gangsta Princess. Gazzo has performed alongside EDM giants like Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, Cedric Gervais and many others.

Listen to "Party Neva Ends (Gazzo Remix)" here,

The New York based singer will also debut her first DJ mix on Soundcloud on December 6 th, 2013.

Billboard Credit
LAVO's last remix "Let's Fall in Love (Papercha$er Remix)" entered the Top 40 of the Billboard Dance charts last April. Since then - the singer, songwriter and DJ has recorded and written in Los Angeles with Scotty G (Bravo's Platinum Hit series) and Michaela Shiloh (Britney Spears and Janet Jackson.)

The Gangsta Princess Video
LAVO also confirmed that she will premiere a short video entitled, The Gangsta Princess for her fans in early 2014. LAVO commented that the video will feature new songs that she describes as, "her new babies."

LAVO has confirmed that The Gangsta Princess will feature production from Sid "Omen" Brown (Beyonce, Drake, Lil Wayne and Usher), Lu Diaz (Pitbull and J-Lo) and The Tucker Brothers (Freeway and VH1's cast member Tahiry.)

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