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Cyber act Shmolts' new single

12-02-2013 | Music Releases

DATELINE: London, England, UK, [02/12/2013] - Jay Serrao returns with his revolving cast of musicians and engineers to release Shmolts' fourth single, 'Weatherman'. The song is about true sportsmanship and how money can work against that concept in modern sports.

Lyrically, Serrao was inspired by the concept of the underdog. That underdog could be a team, a fan, a player or a manager. As an Arsenal fan himself, Serrao has experienced the frustration of watching his team struggle as disagreements with management erode the spirit of the game. "Work and fight with what you got" is the message. It's not a song about winning or trying to win. It's a song about fighting and surviving with what you have.

The song starts off with an eerie two chord lick. A guitar and bass line develop, the drums enter steadily and Jay comes in singing about the weather—a good metaphor for stormy relationships and power struggles—there are dark clouds gathering. There's a break, it lasts just a second, like the time that elapses between the strike of lightening and the first clap of thunder. The chorus is introduced by a quick blast of machine gun snare before it erupts.

Musically, Jay drew inspiration from the synth work of Alan Parsons, and as always, the bombastic drumming of Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham. In typical Shmolts fashion, the tracks for the single were recorded in several different studios in and around London. Jay, of course, handled the vocal duties as well as synth and rhythm guitars which he recorded in North London. Long-time Shmolts collaborator, MaW, recorded the lead guitar in Putney, South London. Jordan Brown laid down his bass track in Streatham, South East London and Matt Dean nailed his drum parts in his studio in Surrey. The single was mixed by Graham Waller and was mastered by Andy Jackson.

Shmolts (Pronounced Schmaltz) is the creation of Jay Serrao. It is an online act and a band that doesn't exist! Apart from writing his own music, Jay also collaborates online with musicians and songwriters. Shmolts is influenced by the melody and lyrics of The Beatles and Bob Dylan, the darkness of Tool and Black Sabbath and the bombast of GnR and Led Zeppelin.

You can sample and buy Shmolts music online through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Bandcamp. Shmolts is also proud to work with the American Red Cross and Amazon Conservation Association in conjunction with Fandistro.

Listen to the 'Weatherman' here: []

RIYL: The Beatles, Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Porcupine Tree, Frank Turner, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Bob Dylan

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