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Allen D Twerks The Ballads

11-26-2013 | Music Releases

Los Angeles, CA November 27, 2013 Composer Allen D is playing the "standards" from the American Songbook in a different way. He's turning romantic ballads into up-tempo electronic dance music (house music). "I usually have to change the meter for the much faster tempo," Allen explained, "but you can still hear the musical genius of the great American song writers.

Allen's first release is a house rendition of the Cole Porter classic "In The Still of The Night," as featured in the movie "De-Lovely" starring Kevin Kline as Cole Porter and Ashley Judd as his socialite wife Linda. Unlike an earlier biopic on Cole Porter starring Cary Grant, Porter's bisexuality is chronicled in "De-Lovely." As of this writing, Allen's first single is #3 on the AC Top 40 Indie Chart, #5 on the AC Top 40 Main Chart, #11 on the Top 40 Indie Chart, #14 on the Hot 100 Chart, #15 on the FMQB Top 200 Chart, #23 on the Top 40 Main Chart, and #86 on the AC Mediabase Chart.

"In The Still of The Night" is from a 4-track EP tentatively titled "Night Sounds" to be released early next year. Allen creates his house music by writing a score in standard notation and then having it played by the virtual instruments in his Windows laptop running Sibelius 7. Allen explained that this process is very labor-intensive for a composer because every note, nuance, articulation and riff has to be spelled out for the computer. There are no chord symbols, hash marks, or improvisations. "But you can get sounds that are unavailable from real musicians playing real instruments," Allen adds.

Allen is a current member of ASCAP, a previous winner of a BMI Country Music Award, and a Life Member of the American Federation of Musicians.


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