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New EP Angel Dust By Brobst Released!

10-24-2013 | Music Releases

BROBST is a solo artist that has been following his dream, since a very young age. He had released his first EP at the age of 16. It had earned him press and write-ups in the local newspaper.

In 2007, BROBST was the winner of the People's Choice Award, for the Atlantis Music Conference, in Atlanta Georgia. He was given the opportunity to perform on the stage the same night as Queens of the Stoneage.

BROBST is a unique sound.

He takes a combination of dance music and infuses it with rock and metal. This allows for it to grab the attention of the club-goers, as well as the head bangers. A full-length album is expected to be released, early in 2014.

The sound is original and is sure to captivate audiences of all populations. The year of 2013 has turned out to be a promising year, as BROBST has received nominations in 2 categories for the LA Music Awards.(Singer/Songwriter of the Year and Solo Performer of the year).

Be sure to download your copy of "Angel Dust", available on Amazon, Itunes, Google Play, and many more!

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