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Th3rd S3t Ent artist (I am) James Wade releases A/B singles "BreakUp" and "I'mma Boss" (Dubstep/EDM Freestyle)

07-25-2013 | Music Releases

Th3rd S3t Ent. artist (I am) James Wade releases two critcially acclaimed singles "BreakUp" and "I'mma Boss" (Dubstep/EDM Freestyle)- BreakUp deals with the relationships Wade has with various women and the complications while also finding his way thru the music industry and industry politics. "BreakUp" reached #87 on the top 100 in its first week and has been featured on a variety of sites as well as peaking at #4 on Video TV's Top 5 countdown. "BreakUp" is the first official single off Wade's new EP "WHEREUBEEN?!" dropping in late August. "I'mma Boss" is a exceptional freestyle that sees Wade drop potent lyrics over a EDM/Dubstep/Hip Hop mash up of Meek Mill's smash hit "I'mma Boss" -

BreakUp video is available here:

mp3 download available here:

I'mma Boss video is available here:

mo3 download available here:

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