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MusicDishTV Presents "By My Side" by JMWest Entertainment Artist JUSTICE

05-29-2013 | Video News

JMWest signed singer JUSTICE recently released the music video to her reggae-inspired debut hit "By My Side" via Youtube. The single, along with the video, have been greatly successful throughout the music industry. The video alone currently holds nearly 900,000 views on Youtube, a testament to JUSTICE's popularity and talent.

To truly capture the reggae roots of the single, the music video demonstrates simplicity and mobility, with little static movements. Using a sunny beach and graffitied wall as backdrop to invoke the beginnings of the reggae movement, the video presents JUSTICE immersed a seductive, passionate atmosphere. Shots alternate between JUSTICE in a red tanktop with a beautiful combination of red, yellow, and green painted on her lips and the singer in a white bikini dancing on the beach. The colorful lipstick is reminiscent of the colors used in Rastafarian movement. Like JUSTICE, the camera is always moving in a slow, but steady pace, hinting at the song's relaxed but extremely danceable sound.

The single itself showcases JUSTICE's impressive vocal range and talent. On top the electric mix of steady beats, light guitar riffs bring out the singer's warm, wholesome vocals. As JUSTICE sings, the reggae beats are smoothly infused with electronic sounds to create a catchy pop tune.

Simple but elegant, "Be My Side" is an infectious video that will get anybody singing and dancing along with JUSTICE.

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