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New Crowdfunding Site Launches For Music & Film Projects

02-07-2013 | Web Events

Fundervine is a new crowdfunding platform for music and film projects. If you've never heard of crowdfunding it enables fans to support projects they love and at the same time get a tangible reward like a CD, film or gig ticket, dvd etc. Musicians and filmmakers can raise funds to make a project viable without having to borrow or find all the money themselves.

Users can simply register, create a project and get funded!Musicians and Bands can raise funds for their next CD, stage a music festival, make a DVD, stream a gig over the internet, stage a celebration concert or make a studio album.

Filmmakers can get Pre or Post production funding, help with staging a premiere by raising funds through ticket sales or simply offering a finished DVD as a reward.

The only limit is the project owners creativity.

The site works by offering rewards to 'fans' or 'supporters' who can pledge to help the project. They are not charged unless the project raises all the money asked for. Rewards can be anything tangible and project owners can choose to raise funds for 30 to 90 days.

Fundervine are open for new projects now at

Fundervine Website

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