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Post Punk Rewind: Pazz Kluger Set To Release New EP

02-05-2013 | Music Releases

(New York, NY) February 5th, 2013:

Post Punk revelers Pazz Kluger will be releasing a third EP on 2/14/13 fittingly titled "Lovely, Deadly". Formed in 2009, Pazz Kluger is lead by Patrick Av, who wrote and instrumented all of the new tracks on "Lovely, Deadly". Jon Lorusso, friend and former Pazz Kluger band mate, also contributed to the EP with guitar, synth and keyboard parts on four of the five tracks. "Lovely, Deadly" was recorded and mixed by Patrick Av in the Fall of 2011 and parts of 2012 and it was mastered by Steve Corrao at Sage Audio.

Called "Alterna Gothic at its best" (Christian Cowsill,, and "...Something Distinctive..." (Aaron Joy, Joyful Gadfly Rock & Metal CD Review Blog), the Pazz Kluger sound has been likened to vintage alternative acts such as: Joy Division, Bauhaus and New Order.

"Lovely, Deadly" will be released on CD Baby and will also be available on: Itunes, AmazonMP3 and BandCamp to name a few. Upcoming shows for "Lovely Deadly" will be announced soon.



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