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Idolumic Unveils Multi-Platform Updates of Rhyme Genie and TuneSmith

01-31-2013 | Tech News

With the release of Rhyme Genie 5 Idolumic unveils a new iOS version to complement the updated Mac and Windows versions of the dynamic rhyming dictionary. With 30 different rhyme types and over 10 million phonetic references the iOS version of Rhyme Genie 5 is an exact clone of the desktop version requiring the use of an iPhone 5, an iPad 4 or an iPad Mini.

"Even though we have completely re-designed Rhyme Genie 5 to run as efficiently as possible on all platforms, Apple's latest mobile devices are strongly recommended to achieve optimum performance on iOS," says Peter Wier, Idolumic's founder. "Rhyme Genie's unique intelligent rhyme algorithm, which allows you to find a wealth of inspiring near rhymes by simply adjusting the similarity in sound between the search word and prospective rhyme mates, requires an appropriate amount of processing power."

Rhyme Genie 5 offers a refined user interface to take advantage of Apple's new high resolution Retina Display. With 110,000 new entries the integrated syllable-matching thesaurus has been expanded to encompass 537,000 synonyms. The rhyming dictionary now features a total of 327,000 entries with the latest additions consisting of over 5000 traditional proverbs and all major country hit songs of the last 50 years.

Coinciding with the update of Rhyme Genie is the release of TuneSmith 2, which can run the rhyming dictionary as a plug-in. Introduced last year as a free companion software to Rhyme Genie on the Mac and the Windows platforms, the new version of TuneSmith adds a chord sheet editor to its song creation and administration features.

"TuneSmith's chord sheet editor enables songwriters to add professionally formatted chord symbols with matching guitar chord charts to their lyrics. In addition, an integrated chord dictionary allows you to look up the notes, fret positions and intervals of over 4800 chords. An unlimited number of custom chord charts can be maintained with TuneSmith," states Wier. "Even with its greatly enhanced functionality, which now includes a song catalog manager, a pitch journal, a lyrics editor and an audio recorder, TuneSmith can still be installed on as many computers as desired completely free of charge by all registered users of Rhyme Genie."

In accordance with Idolumic's free update policy all users can request a free activation code for Rhyme Genie 5, provided the new version of the rhyming dictionary is installed on the same computer device as the previous version. A newly purchased serial number can be used to activate Rhyme Genie 5 on up to three different devices, regardless of the platform. The first serial number is priced at $24.95. Registered users can purchase an additional serial number for $7.95. Free trials of TuneSmith and Rhyme Genie are available for Mac or PC at

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