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Redneck Californian and video star Ray Don Releases new single "Boca Raton"

01-14-2013 | Music Releases

Ray Don, as seen in The Rescues' video "Everything is Gonna Be Better Next Year" which was hailed by Buzzfeed as "the jam that will get us through 2013", has released his latest single "Boca Raton".

The banjo heavy, not suitable for work track, is the epitome of Hillbilly rock meets comedic relief. It truly displays how Ray Don and The Backwash Band have been able to keep true to their comedy roots while showcasing their skills as talented musicians.

Listen to "Boca Raton" here:

Don, who plays with his band The Backwash Band, writes songs of life, love, and sometimes prison; delivering catchy melodies and clever (if sometimes vulgar) lyrics.

Citing influences such as Conway Twitty, Hank Williams (Jr. & Sr.), Loretta Lynn, Barry White and Lil Wayne, Ray don's unique blend of country, bluegrosss and comedy have made his live shows as legendary as his alcohol tolerance.

"Boca Raton" will be featured on Ray Don's latest release later this year, a milestone to some as he has not released a full-length album since 2006's White Trash Show Tunes.

For more information please visit:

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