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Lynne Taylor Donovan Releases New Australian Single

01-13-2013 | Music Releases

January 12, 2013
Vancouver, Canada

Lynne Taylor Donovan will release her hit single "Sugar Lake" to Australia and New Zealand January 15, 2013. "Sugar Lake" was released to country and adult contemporary/rock stations in Canada and UK/Europe in the summer of 2012. It added 40 new stations in Canada, stayed in the UK top 20 for 6 weeks and in the TOP 40 for 9 weeks. The song was tested at several stations in Australia at the same time and reaction was excellent.

This great summer song is now in full release across Australia.

We'll let the DJs/Presenters tell you more.

Turn it up and enjoy!

"Quite the Canadian songbird, I really liked this and am certain a great many others will also."
Al Watts - Collingwood Radio, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

"Brilliant gutsy performance."
Gerry Warren - 974 Radio, Victoria, Australia

"known and played Lynne's music for many years and new single Sugar Lake is awesome, so if you don't have it.........get it now"
Ron Hoysted - 89.3FM, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

"Right out of the top drawer with this effort.
I give this one a 10 out of 10."
Alex Pijnen - Zuidwest Radio, Holland

"Lynne is certainly back and on track for a massive hit with this strong new release.
Enjoying it immensely, Lynne has been bringing us some excellent material over the
years and this will rate as one of her best songs."
Tom Robinson - Kingstown Radio, UK

"Great to have her back. I like this song very much. Nice play on words with the title and very catchy pop country."
Stuart Cameron - CMR Nashville Radio, UK

"Excellent single brilliant production nice twist on her earlier songs."
June Williams - KHBW Radio, USA

Gord Bridgewater
Pacific Records Ltd.

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