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MusicDish*China In-Depth Coverage of Music Industry Conference (MIC) Taiwan

12-15-2012 | Web Events

MusicDish*China founder Eric de Fontenay recently participated in the Music Industry Conference (MIC) Taiwan 2012, held on November 7-8 at Taipei's Sunworld Dynasty Hotel. In addition to speaking on several panels, including "Comprehensive Performance Management Collaboration," "Investment in Cultivating Talent Market" and "Innovative Business Models," Mr. de Fontenay also met with top Taiwanese talent such as DJ duo Salamander, DJ Island X and eletro group RED / 紅樂團. Organized by the Pop Music Project office with more than 30 advisers overseas, nearly 100 global high-level managers in the field of music, performance art, education, technology, telecommunications, venture capital and other came together for the inaugural session of MIC 2012 (

During the conference, Mr. de Fontenay reflected on Asian Pop acts potential crossover in the West. "If Taiwanese acts want to branch out internationally, collaborating with their Western counterparts will be key. First off, they need to come equipped with English songs. But this demands research and collaborating with the right people. For example, panelists Iggy Dahl and Hayden Bell, one of the most successful European songwriting duos in Asia, noted the amount of time and research invested in understanding the difference between Asian and Western pop song structure."

"Taiwanese acts will have to develop a broad collaborative strategy with their Western counterparts, from recordings and music videos to live production - what I would call an integrated collaborative strategy. Simple Plan, which put together different versions of their song "Jet Lag" with other female stars from around the world, including a Chinese version with Kelly Cha, in a great example of this concept."

Several speakers, including Ed Yen from the Pop Music Project Office and a-Peer Holding Group CEO Thomas Olscheske, noted new policies by the Chinese government that will lay the foundation for a legal digital music market to develop. Bill Zang, the chairman of the China Music Industry Committee and VP of Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group, emphasized the agreements his group achieved with several of the major digital stakeholders (both online and mobile) allowing them to provide full transparency for copyright holders - a constant complaint for international artists trying to figure out their royalties.

MusicDish*China's full coverage of MIC 2012 is available at
Introductions to Taiwanese DJ Duo Salamander and DJ Island X are also available at

About Eric de Fontenay
Eric de Fontenay founded digital media firm MusicDish, subsequently launching the largest music newswire Mi2N. In 2009, he turned his focus on China's music industry, culminating in the MusicDish*China brand. He's worked with emerging Chinese artists as well as Taiwan's Pop Music Office, major festivals like Midi, and developing Western acts through social media marketing. He's been quoted in media as diverse as FT China and China Daily to Portugal's DIF magazine, and was recently featured in The Beijingers' 2012 music issue.

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