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"A Matter of Time" the New Short Film Music Video by Ajay Mathur is Released!

12-10-2012 | Video News

Luzern, Switzerland -- After recently releasing two traditional music videos and receiving thousands of YouTube views and positive reception, the internationally acclaimed solo artist, Ajay Mathur, has once again teamed up with Swiss production company Cyrus Films to create a short film music video for the single track off his new album, A Matter of Time.

This is the third successful music video production between Cyrus Films and Ajay Mathur since the release of his new album earlier this year. The idea with this production was to create more of a film rather than the traditional music video. I find traditional music videos boring. They are all starting to look the same. I dont have to make a video that shows the band or a singer performing the song in some unreal setting. Id rather go to concerts to see the band because the atmosphere there is live, loud and real, says Mathur. During a sit down with director Chris Bucher to discuss concepts for the film, Ajay came to realize that hed rather use the music video medium to tell a story and leave the band performing for the live concerts. They both found the idea of debunking Bollywood romance as a movie within a movie exciting, and they decided to even mix traditional Swiss cultural peculiarities with the Bollywood touch to give an Alpine-Heidi-Om Shanti kind of twist to it.

Born and raised in India, Ajay performed at some of the hottest clubs in Delhi and Mumbai during the height of the 1970's. While some of the biggest international musicians from the West, including Jimmy Page and Don Cherry, were touring the country in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment, they joined Ajay on stage for unforgettable jam sessions that lasted through the night. In the 1980s, love brought Ajay to Switzerland. It was there that Ajay celebrated success with his rock group, Mainstreet. Along with sold out tours across Europe, the group had an impressive four singles and two albums make it to the top 20 on the Swiss radio charts, enjoy airplay on various European radio stations and month-long club power play in Tokyo's Hard Rock Cafe.

The new video A Matter of Time is off of Ajays newest album A Matter of Time, which is his first album since his days with his band Mainstreet.

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A Matter of Time is now available at most digital storefronts.
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