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Sonia Jeron releases "Tell Me Why" EP on CD

11-24-2012 | Music Releases

The singer/songwriter Sonia Jeron will release on December 11th her debut EP "Tell Me Why" on CD exclusively at her site.
She frequently uses the help of Vitor Salgueiral on production and Yoad Nevo on mastering. Yoad Nevo is a worldwide famous producer, who worked in the past with important names like Bryan Adams, Duran Duran, Sugababes, Pet Shop Boys, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Goldfrap or Moby.
Her music studies were started when she was only 9, and until now the girl never stopped. Music studies and gigs made her travel in different places over the world, and that makes all the difference when her songs are listened.
Originally from a pop-rock background, her music is also influenced by jazz and soul. The amazing international debut EP, "Tell Me Why" will be full of all those influences, especially to what concerns rock.
The lyrics express a lot of experiences, and Sonia uses it to deal with all the emotional stuff that ... Happens all the time.
The CD will be only available at her official site, with bonus digital tracks and also an acoustic version of "You As The One".

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