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MusicDishTV Presents "Coupe De Ville" by Si Cranstoun

11-19-2012 | Video News

Si Cranstoun and his band perform the song "Coupe De Ville" lives at the Balajo, Paris in this video that's rocking and rolling and providing a good time for everyone in the listening or watching vicinity. The song is catchy, piano solo is remarkable, and Si Cranstoun has just the right vocal style for this song. Harmonies are well done, and it will be a miracle if you can sit still or down while this hot little number is playing. The video has a retro "Happy Days" look and it works well visually, where we get to see Cranstoun and crew seriously jamming. A black and white image of a lady who is definitely from the 50's is shown intermittently throughout the video, giving it even more authenticity. "Coupe De Ville" is a good time, good mood, good feeling song that's catchy and well performed and produced. You'll be singing it before you know it. The song it available on iTunes, but don't forget to catch the video. It is definitely a show not to be missed.

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