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Foreshadow Honors Florida Metal Musician George Graves

11-14-2012 | Band News

Tampa, FL based metal band Foreshadow along with Armagedon III, Path to Prevail, Creatures of Habit, and Sowester will join together to honor fellow Florida metal musician George Graves. The event will take place at The 321 Local in Cocoa, Florida on Saturday November 24, 2012.

George Graves passed away a few days after headling a show on October 10,2012. He was a drummer for the heavy hitting regional death metal legends North Grave. This event is not only to honor this wonderful example of musicianship and humanity, but also to raise money for his four children.

Along with the performances, there will be items available for auction, including a Schecter Omen 6 guitar donated by Jeff Totten and Project Independent, as well as merchandise from the bands and a Peavy 2x12 combo tube amp.

The George Graves Benefit will take place Saturday November 24, 2012 at the 321 Local in Cocoa, Florida. For more information you can check out the venues web site at, or Foreshadow’s facebook page

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