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MusicDish Review: "Sweet Thang" by South African R&B Artist Nakedi

11-13-2012 | Music Releases

It can be said that a new approach to music has been discovered and applied by South African R&B artist Nakedi. Nakedi's "Sweet Thang" is a love song with an interesting musical arrangement, and should be a hit for its melody, uniqueness, and innovation. Overlying harmonies contribute to the song with piano on this musical track, resulting in a sound that is memorable and catchy. The piano melody and solo give the breaks, and the hook is brilliant. "Sweet Thang" is a really nice song with lyrics that are simple but complete, with many layers of music happening at the same time. If you're looking for love in all the right places, you'll find this song to be interesting, and while it is very unusual, it's also very good.

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