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MusicDishTV Presents "Molly Ringwald Is Dead" By Alternative Band Love Supine

11-02-2012 | Video News

"Molly Ringwald Is Dead" is a video featuring the new song from Love Supine. It opens in the middle of a gathering of trees, as a mysterious sound heralds in the lead vocalist who is fading into view in the distance. The colors are almost black and white with a very washed out effect. In contrast, the rock band's down beat and the power chord of guitars bring this song to life. The singer is fascinated that the 80's teen star Molly Ringwald has opinions and thoughts that he didn't expect from her. The tempo is danceable, and the vocal style a bit like Fred Schneider of B52. The lead singer and guitar are the only players in the video, so there are effective cuts to the scene in synch with the music. "Molly Ringwald is Dead", has a dark humor to it, and should be perfect for Halloween.

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