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Tony Adamo a Strokeland Jazz Artist is in Top 50 on ESB Radio

10-17-2012 | Radio News

Tony Adamo a Strokeland Jazz Artist is in Top 50 on ESB Radio
Frank Black/A Doubleleft Hook PR gig, New York, NY

All-time jazz greats like, Cannon Ball Adderley, Miles Davis, Joshua Redman, Bob James, Maceo Parker, FourPlay, Bill Evens and Wes Montgomery are being played on ESB radio. Vocal/hipspokenword artist Tony Adamo is humbled to have scored two Cd's on ESB radio's Top 50 album chart for the past three months (9/5/12). Adamo's STRAIGHT UP DEAL is at #35 and WHAT IS HIP? is at #50.

His hip story tellin' vocal delivery is now catching radio programmers attention around the country. You can dig Adamo's music on Stephen 'Doc' Kupka's (Tower of Power) Strokeland Records. Tony Adamo is a Strokeland jazz artist. His new music release will be out in early 2013. Mike Clark, of Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters, is the producer. Tim Ouimette is Adamo's music director and horn arranger. Adamo is now in final record contract talks with RandomAct Records, home to the Michael Wolff /Mike Clark Expedition, Kenny Drew,Jr, Larry Coryell, Carmen Intorre Jr., and Bria Skonberg.

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