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MusicDishTV Presents "No Place Like Home" by Infiniteloop

10-14-2012 | Video News

Infiniteloop's video "No Place Like Home" begins with bright orange flares that burst in tempo to the beat as it cuts to a crowded club and Infiniteloop plays in black and white strobe. The lead singer has very interesting lyrics, "I wanna know how long forever lasts", and he's backed by a trio of drums, bass, and guitar. The contrast of the visual to the lyrics is an attention grabber. "There's no place like home you've got one", is being sung, while the video footage shows homes being blown away during atom bomb testing. As the song asks questions about if they could be happy together, the video cuts to the band in black and white, and the bomb testing footage is bathed in a deep burnt orange color. It has a good look to it, which is probably hi def. The alternative style has some clever audio inserts of old radio ad of the 1950's over the top female voice saying "Hit the record button". Dancing to this song will be fun because the mix and the tempo are perfect for turning up your speakers, and the song is an upbeat love song. The video production is excellent, and the editing, and graphic effects are brilliant. You don't have to be humble about this. "There's No Place Like Home" is a cool video, and one that is definitely worth watching. Infiniteloop has a very radio friendly sound to their vocals and music. The mix is clean, and the singer is easy to understand with his own unique style of phrasing. Job well done!

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