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George & O'Sullivan Debut Release "Myxomatosis" On October 9th

10-09-2012 | Music Releases

Myxmatosis, the first full-length release from noted electronic producers George & O'Sullivan will be released on October 9th on One World Music. Known as the creative geniuses behind Australian acts Tijuana Cartel and Audio Shaman - the highly talented duo Paul George & Carey O'Sullivan utilize their considerable talents on to combine philosophy and poetry spoken word samples with haunting, Indian-influence soundscapes to create 11 inspired tracks of immersive, eclectic electronic music.

Diverse influences permeate this chilled out, albeit somewhat dark release. The lead track "Baha Dust" captivates the listener with its unexpected sparse, percussive sound and impeccable production. While tracks like the enigmatic track "Death by Dub" juxtapose spoken word samples from Edgar Allan Poe's macabre, 19th century epic poem "The Raven" with lines from "Children of the Night" from urban slam poet Saul Williams to create a laidback, albeit distinctly foreboding vibe.

The production duo have performed at many festivals in Australia, including: Earthdance, Newtown Fest, Sydney Bulletin Place Laneway, Caloundra WA, Peats Ridge and Woodford Festival, as well as in the US and Canada. Under the George & O'Sullivan moniker, they take a different direction and immerse themselves in their latest release to create a sound that is somewhat reminiscent of Burial meets Thievery Corporation - but with their own distinct, original style that utilizes deep bass lines and cleverly programmed drum sounds keep the over all sound distinct yet congruent.

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