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Monte Pittman Rocks with the Queen

06-10-2012 | Music Events

Now that the MDNA World Tour is underway, The Axe Man is in the news somewhere in the world just about everyday. Like this wonderful review, and visit from Evan Skopp with Seymour Duncan. Evan says, "Monte has established himself as an incredibly versatile artist and his primary secret weapon is the guitar he designed with Jarrell Guitars called the MPS. This guitar gives a ton of tonal combinations with our P-Rails, Vintage Hot Stack Plus & Custom Shop Dimebucker." "Watching a show like this was really amazing, even for someone who spends a lot of time attending shows. Everything, from the dancing and choreography to the lights, the video, the multi-media, the staging, and, of course, the instrumentation and guitar tones, were extraordinary. These were the highest production values I've ever witnessed and this was the first night of the tour. He played his Jarrell MPS throughout the show, except for a couple of numbers which he played an acoustic or a Jerry Jones sitar. His guitar was clear and present, right up front in the mix, and he had an incredible variety of tones, from classic rock to sludgy metal to synth pop sounds. It was amazing that one guitar could have so many voices." Click the link below to read the entire article on the Seymour Duncan website.

In another interview a few days earlier, Rust at said, "he (Monte) is cementing his legacy within the music community with the release of his new line of signature guitars with Jarrell Guitars. At the Super Bowl he performed with one of his new signature Jarrell MPS series guitars alongside Madonna, and Monte was just honored by Guitar Planet, which has inducted his new signature Jarrell guitar into its Hall of Fame, along with being up for Guitar Planet's Guitar of the Year Award. Click the link to read the full interview.
Scroll to the bottom of the page, click the stars to vote! Keep the MPS #1, Guitar of the Year, at Guitar

At every show Monte's skills, as well as the JZS-1 MPS Jarrell Guitars are put to the test. With a hundred thousand judges in the audience only a peak performance will do. It is a testament of excellence for both artist and tools.

Check out the look and specs of the Three JZS-1 MPS models at and inquire at your local Music instrument store to play, touch and feel one in person. Or inquire directly to purchase from Jarrell Guitars.

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