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Review: Will Sheridan's Single "Blind"

05-20-2012 | Music Releases

Will Sheridan's single "Blind" from the newly released 18 track CD "Going In And Never Timid (G.I.A.N.T.), is a unique and refreshing fusion of new wave hip hop, pop, and techno. Sheridan made noise last year when he came out on live television which lead to his selection for an MTV panel on gay rights with the likes of Lt. Dan Choi and author Keith Boykin. "Blind" is a track that he obviously went into with his eyes wide open, bringing a freshness, funkiness, and originality to the song, which has an up tempo beat, and is perfect for cruising, the clubs, or just kicking back and relaxing. With a distinctive East coast style sound and synth horns doubling the bass line, there's a lot going on in this track. The alternate section has synth strings, with an almost classic bass line leading back to the hook. The ending breaks down to a capella with Sheridan's own background vocals. This is a very cool track, and one that music lovers of any genre can appreciate.

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