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Kerchoonz' Answer To Digital Dilemna: Pay The Artist

08-18-2008 | Web Events

Since the early days of digital distribution and sites like, artists have willingly given away their music for no compensation in the hopes of being discovered. No more!

Slated for launch this September and backed by a $490,000 investment from the Scottish Co-investment Fund, social media platform Kerchoonz lets registered artists and songwriters share their music and videos with fans while getting paid for every stream and download. Kerchoonz tracks downloads and streams through a combination of the ISRC and play counts by utilizing unique coding and encryption within the application. Kerchoonz will also offer an affiliate program that pays US$5 for very artist / band or Industry Pro user who signs up to Kerchoonz through your unique referral ID.

"Our growth is tied to the success of our artists in making Kerchoonz THE community to find music," noted Christian Ulf Hansen, former Director of Writer / Publisher Relations BMI Europe. "We see our relationship with them as a partnership and want them to benefit from our success. It's simply a question of fairness."

Key to Kerchoonz success is also the fans. The feature-packed portal allows fans to customize their pages, play games (and post their scores), download and stream music, add music to their profiles, post on forums, join groups, watch videos, and connect with other users/artists. Fans also have the opportunity to support their favorite artists by adding an artists' music to their profiles.

Fans, musicians and music industry professionals are invited to sign up in this pre-beta stage at

For Artist, Label & Media information contact:
Phil Knox-Roberts
telephone: +44 (0) 207 384 0938 / +44 (0) 7866 626946

For details on how to Advertise on Kerchoonz contact:
David Turner
telephone: +44 (0) 7967 112263

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