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NY Musician Releases 'A Hole In The Head' Documentary on Trepanation

10-22-2007 | Video News

Cevin Soling, perhaps better know as the leader of NY-based alternative punk, rock band The Love Kills Theory, announced the release of 'A Hole In The Head,' a documentary about trepanation - the process of boring a hole in the skull. Cevin Soling is the producer of the hour-long film, which won the Best Documentary Award at both the Atlantic City Film Festival and the Brooklyn International Film Festival. A Hole In The Head was broadcast on the Discovery and Learning Channels and is now available on DVD.

"I first became aware of trepanation through an interview with Paul McCartney who mentioned that John Lennon wanted to have it done and suggested that the two of them have the operation," recounted Cevin. "I later learned more from a book by author Donna Kossy who indicated the procedure might actually work to expand consciousness. It was the fact that it might have beneficial effects to enhance one's state of mind that intrigued me. Amazingly, no one had done a proper study to find out the veracity of the claims, so I decided to make the film to find an answer."

A Hole In the Head examines the development of "modern" trepanation as used by people in the United Kingdom, the United States, and The Netherlands for the purpose of attaining a higher level of consciousness. Interviews regarding the history and efficacy of the procedure are also held with some of the world's most respected neurosurgeons and anthropologists.

"Trepanation as a procedure has been around for thousands of years and was not performed for the superstitious reasons some attribute today. I hope that the film teaches people not to infantilize our ancestors and also to appreciate just how far back attempts at seeking to expand consciousness go."

The DVD can purchased online at

Writer/director/producer/artist Cevin Soling (, President of Spectacle Films, Xemu Records, and World Watch Productions is involved in many facets of the entertainment industry. In addition to his film work, Soling has been active in the music industry via his record company, Xemu Records. He currently writes and performs with The Love Kills Theory ( - a band inspired by the Situationist philosophical movement and as well as bio-genetic studies on the evolution of despair. Their debut CD, Happy Suicide, Jim!, was released in January of 2007.

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