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The Love Kills Theory To Perform In New York City, June 27

06-13-2007 | Music Events

THE LOVE KILLS THEORY will be performing at Gonzalez y Gonzalez, 625 Broadway in New York City on Jun 27 at 9 PM. The club is between Houston and Bleecker Street, and near the D,F, 4,5,6 trains. The venue phone is 212-473-8787. The band features: Cevin Soling-Vocals, Guitar, Bill Brandau –Keyboards, Jim Minics – Guitar, Darren Pilato – Bass, and Jaron Stewart – Drums.

The Love Kills Theory's new album is called HAPPY SUICIDE, JIM and is available on Xemu Records. Distributed through Red Eye, the album has been added to 52 stations and counting including KUSP-Santa Cruz, KDHX-St. Louis, WDVR-New Jersey KXCI-Tucson, and KFAI-Minneapolis. KURE-- 88.5's KURE's Ames, Iowa's music director Diablo Jesus says, " Fuzzed out garage rock, and  fun for fans of The Pixies, The Breeders, The Jesus & Mary Chain."

DETROIT METRO TIMES" JEFFREY MORGRAN describes "Happy Suicide Jim as having "Catchy convulsive pop songs that take their quirky fuzztone cue from Pretties For You. "   THE CELEBRITY CAFE's Courtney Thompson totally captured the band in her review of the group's debut album, HAPPY SUICDE JIM as she wrote, "It appears as a fun and mindless album until one opens up its ears to the Love Kills theory's message (from mind-control in the school system, adversity)." Even G. Gordon Liddy's radio producer Franklin Raff was blown away by the band, uses it as bumper music, "This is the kind of music I grew up on."

Xemu an independent label founded by the group's lead singer Cevin Soling, whose first name is pronounced like "Kevin."  One of the label's releases include WHEN PIGS FLY, a compilation album, that includes the late Don Ho cover Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey;"—this recording will be re-visited in Keith Valcourt's column in an upcoming issue of HUSTLER magazine.

Another catalog release from Xemu records is the song "Buffalo," by Cevin's 1998 band, The Neanderthal Spongecake. Recorded in 1998 for an album called THE SIDE EFFECTS OF NAPALM, "Buffalo" is now being used on the A&E reality TV series, CONFESSIONS OF A MATCHMAKER beginning January 16.

Cevin Soling is an award-winning filmmaker, as well, an author of grown up fairy tails. His current production is THE WAR ON CHILDREN, a study on the declining American education system. Currently  THE WAR ON THE WAR ON DRUGS is available as a DVD c/o Disniformation, LTD. (


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