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Boosweet Records Sign Rock Star Kiko Loureiro Of Angra

06-13-2007 | Label News

Boosweet Records CEO and President Vernon Neilly has signed the international rock guitar virtuoso Kiko Loureiro. Boosweet Records will release Kiko's products in the USA, Canada, Australia, South and Central America; with the exception of the guitarists home country Brazil. The deal provides Boosweet Records all of the digital rights to Kiko's music internationally.

Kiko Loureiro has risen to international acclaim and stardom by being the lead guitarist of the world-renown Brazilian rock group Angra. Currently, he has two solo projects: "No Gravity" and his latest jazz guitar release "Universo Inverso." In pre-promotion mode, "Universo Inverso" is already heating up: getting early radio ads, selling well at online retailers such as,,, iTunes, and a host of other digital download retailers. "Universo Inverso" will hit major and independent retail stores here in the US in July and will be released under Boosweet Records' new deal with Portland, Oregon-based Burnside.

Vernon Neilly -- himself an award winning recording artist -- is known for bringing talented artists and musicians to Boosweet, his independent label. This has been evidenced by his two successful award winning "G-Fire" releases, of which "G-Fire II" was on the Top Ten Billboard Retail Charts.

Vernon commented on his signing of Loureiro to his label by saying, "It is an honor to have my friend and peer Kiko - who is such a fantastic musician, composer and producer - here at the label. Kiko is already an international star around the world, and we are going to make him even a bigger star with his releases in the territories we control. Kiko is definitely someone who people will want to hear and see because of his virtuoso technical skills, and great feeling as a player. You don't have to take my word, just go to his myspace page, and be prepared to be amazed. He gets tons of hits and comments there daily."

Kiko Loureiro was recently voted as the #1 progressive/metal player in the world by reader polls in two of Japans most popular guitar magazines: Young Guitar and Burrn. He beat out Guitar Gods Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci and a host of others to receive this honor.

For more information concerning Kiko Loureiro and his projects visit Boosweet Records at or contact them by email at

You can also connect with Kiko and listen to his music at

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