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April 6, 2015

Piece Of The Rack: Eventide H3000 Factory Plug-In $150 Off
Best-selling Eventide plug-in on sale for only $199 through April 30th <Tech News>

April 6, 2015

Put More East Coast Punk In Your Playlist With This Week's Featured Indie Anthems Artists
Indie Anthems featured tracks from Angry Old Man and Hot Ham & Cheese string together fast and furious power chords delivered with a punch of east coast garage punk <Music Releases>

April 2, 2015

Top 10 Fender Contender Country Music Challengers Announced
Fans' Favorite Will Open Country Summer Festival on June 5 <Music Events>

April 1, 2015

NO BORDERS Is The Amazing Album From The Creative Genius Of MICHEL SIMENTO
"All You Need Is Love" is what THE BEATLES simply said & the new album NO BORDERS <Music Releases>

April 1, 2015

Eventide Announces H9 Max Spring Giveaway
Enter between now and May 7, 2015 to Win an Eventide H9 MAX <Tech News>

March 30, 2015

Blue Track Is Proud To Announce The Release Of Nelsen Adelard's Sixth Album "Voodou By You"
The new album "Voodou By You" is a smoking example of their combined talents. Excellent performances, great riffs and a no nonsense approach to modern Blues <Music Releases>

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