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June 9, 2014

Paul WInter host 19th Annual Summer Solstice Concert at NYC's St. John the Divine Catheral June 21st, 2014 <Music Events>

June 9, 2014

Salvatore Addeo - Mixing Engineer & Producer Based In The Lake Como Area, Italy
He masters the musical proficiency that enables him to not only limit himself to the mixing process, but also to take care of all those aspects of the realization of an album that go under the term pr <Career Announcements>

June 8, 2014

Agency¡K #¡¥Of Ghosts¡¦ 28 July 2014
Agency¡K to release hotly anticipated 2nd album <Music Releases>

June 8, 2014

Exploding Soul Reveal New EP 'SLOWMOTION'
Every so often a new EP arises that gets people talking, and so enter Exploding Soul. With his dark and heavy Slowmotion EP, the young Swede takes Dubstep sounds into a new-found territory. <Music Releases>

June 7, 2014

New Release From Blujon
Blujon release their second single from the Album Destiny Is A Hard Road. The ballad is the title track of the album. <Music Releases>

June 6, 2014

French Jazz Singer Clotilde Rullaud To Perform At Beijing Music Day 2014
Clotilde will perform two concerts as part of Beijing Music Day 2014, headlining the outdoor concert at Dos Kolegas, followed by an intimate concert at East Shore Live Jazz Cafe <Music Events>

June 5, 2014

Historias - Feat Chela Rivas
It’s not too often you can enjoy a song that's not in your native language, but that's anything but the case for "Historias" <Music Releases>

June 5, 2014

Ashley Jordan's National Radio Promotion
Ashley Jordan Music (AJM) today announced the initiation of a National Radio Campaign in collaboration with Powderfinger Promotions (an indie radio promotion and publicity firm from MA). <Radio News>

June 5, 2014

Beatvoxx Records Signs DJ & Producer Twenty-Faux Carat
Twenty-Faux Carat Marks The First Artist Signing For The Indie Dance Music Imprint Beatvoxx Records <Label News>

June 3, 2014

Tirvarrus & God's Project Advances Career With New CD
New Vision Records introduces the Mississippi gospel touring group, Tirvarrus & God's Project with a new album titled "I'm Trying To Be" <Music Releases>

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