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October 28, 2014

Lead Guitar Funkateer Ricky Rouse And Comedian Shang To Heat Up "L.A. Nights...Live In The Antelope Valley" In The High Desert
Legendary lead guitar player and funkateer Ricky Rouse will join R&B funksters, Clueless, comedic master Geoff Brown and comic king, Shang at Fresco II in Palmdale, CA. <Music Events>

October 27, 2014

LiLi Roquelin Is On The 57th GRAMMY Awards Ballot
Award-winning Singer-Songwriter LiLi Roquelin was approved on the Final list of the 57th Grammy Awards' Ballot with the following Entries <Band News>

October 26, 2014

Thai 'Grinds' Over Lil Wayne And Drake Instrumental
He is blending the sounds of Hip-hop and rnb with a new spin in the hopes of taking over the world <Music Releases>

October 26, 2014

Part Time Music - Kryptic
'Part Time Music' delves into Kryptic's struggles to uphold a balanced lifestyle, faced with the demands of university studies, part-time work and the chase for an independent music career all at once <Music Releases>

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