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June 18, 2014

Branding Fool And Music Business Author Kicks Off Summer Book Signing Tour In Santa Monica
June 28, the "Proof of Concept Tour," a two-month, 40-city book and speaking tour begins at The Third Street Promenade Barnes & Noble in Santa Monica, California <Business News>

June 18, 2014

New EP Release From HELLGATE
Brand New Hard Rock/Metal Trio 'Hellgate' Releases Debut EP <Music Releases>

June 17, 2014

KAYLA ADAMS Lights A Fire With Debut Single, "Sober & Sorry"
Budding Songwriter-Artist's Music Is Resonating At Radio, Available Via CDX 597 & Play MPE <Music Releases>

June 17, 2014

Country Music Favorite Eric Huff Releases New Album
"American Boy" available everywhere June 17th on Perry Music Group <Music Releases>

June 17, 2014

Autism's Newest Anthem "Not So Different" Written And Performed By Acclaimed Singer/Songwriter Cassandra Kubinski
NOT SO DIFFERENT is a song and music video inspired by 2 boys on the Autism Spectrum, which is currently raising money through sales for Autism Speaks and other Autism organizations. <Music Releases>

June 17, 2014

GrooveShine Releasing Debut Album
GrooveShine from Santa Barbara is celebrating the release of their self-titled debut album at Velvet Jones on Friday June 27 <Music Releases>

June 17, 2014

Emerging Singer-Songwriter Roxanna To Release Debut Album Exotica On July 8, 2014 Via RoxArt Records
New release includes the Top 30 hit, "Close Your Eyes," and Lionel Richie Cover of "Hello" <Label News>

June 16, 2014

Impact Soundworks Releases Vocalisa: Slavic Women's Choir
Impact Soundworks released today Vocalisa: Slavic Women's Choir for the Native Instruments Kontakt platform, featuring the traditional vocal ensemble sound of Bulgaria and other Slavic regions. <Tech News>

June 14, 2014

"Breakaway" The New Music Video Combining Fast-Paced Synths And High Energy Animation
The music video lets you in on the intensity of competitive cycling; using 3D graphics and the chugging beat of "Breakaway" <Video News>

June 13, 2014

World Cup Football 2014 Best Song
World Cup Football 2014 best dance song "Blow My Whistle" <Music Releases>

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