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February 18, 2015

New Release - Rain Valley People
New EP from Norwich band Rain Valley People <Music Releases>

February 18, 2015

Nikia Performs Live @ Single Release Party
Nikia, a New York native, is releasing her fourth studio album titled "Forever" in summer 2015 through Og2Entertainment/ Sonic Flux Music <Music Events>

February 17, 2015

Mexican Ape-Lord To Release Music Video
Thrash-Metal heroes Mexican Ape-Lord will release a music video for "The Misadventures of Black Jesus" on 2/19/15. <Music Releases>

February 17, 2015

Monetize Your Songs On YouTube With JTV Digital
JTV Digital music distribution platforms adds YouTube ContentID monetization to its range of services <Video News>

February 16, 2015

PanGaia Studios, Has Come To Life In Stockholm, Sweden
Introducing an upscale and unique studio experience for top talent and recording professionals worldwide. <Business News>

February 16, 2015

Free Eventide Looper For All H9 Owners For Limited Time
New Eventide Looper Algorithm offers the ability to record a loop, slow it down and reverse it in real-time <Tech News>

February 16, 2015

MarilynMusic Releases "Smoke And Mirrors" Single, Feat. Thom Crawford
MarilynMusic latest single "Smoke and Mirrors", featuring top 10 charting Australian singer songwriter Thom Crawford <Music Releases>

February 13, 2015

MusicDish*China #ToChinaWithLove Valentine's Day Playlist
MusicDish contest yields an eclectic playlist of Valentine's Day songs premiering on Chinese music and social media platforms <Web Events>

February 12, 2015

KAJ Brothers To Premiere Music Video For New Single "Lady" On YouTube For Valentine's Day
The KAJ Brothers, the pop/R&B trio whose mission is to 'make chivalry cool again' announced the world premiere of their new music video "Lady" on YouTube for Valentine's Day <Band News>

February 11, 2015

Singer/Songwriter DeDe Receives 6 Major Music Industry Awards!
Houston area Award-winning singer/songwriter DeDe gets signed to a new label, a new agency, and wins 6 Major Music Industry 4 months <Band News>

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