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September 29, 2014

Drifting In Silence - Desire (Labile Records)
"Synthesist and composer Derrick Stembridge is a master of his craft" – Keyboard Magazine <Music Releases>

September 29, 2014

Chicago Artists And Activists Unite To Promote Community Healing
Electro Reggae Jam Focuses On Social Elevation Via Chicago's Global Music Scene <Music Events>

September 26, 2014

Rachael Sage's Blue Roses Out On Nov. 4, Key US & UK Tour Dates Added
"English Tea", lead track off Rachael Sage's new album Blue Roses (Nov. 4), debuted in Elmore Magazine and is gaining steam at radio. Sage heads out on the road for key dates in the US & UK. <Music Releases>

September 23, 2014

The Cure For Indie Music Obscurity: Nuhuru
A new fan-centric A&R engine and artist branding platform built to identify, develop, and break indie music artists. <Business News>

September 23, 2014

LA-based Hip-Hip Producer Joseph Dancsak Releases New And-1 EP
And-1 is the first official artistic release from famed Los Angeles-based music producer Joseph Dancsak who has made waves in the Trap music world, being featured as one of the Top 5 Producer <Music Releases>

September 23, 2014

Former rock and roll journeymen turn their sights towards the past as they blend the raucous nature of country with the melody of classic rock with the release of their latest single “Fine Wine” <Music Releases>

September 23, 2014

Torrpedo Launches AWARE BitTorrent Campaign In Support Of Chinese Rockers' #UselessRockUSA Tour
Torrpedo 'AWARE' BitTorrent promotional program includes promotional geo-targeting supporting tour ticket sales <Web Events>

September 22, 2014

Win EastWest CCC Pro 2 And Save Big On GameSoundCon!
Win the most professional virtual instruments and get your GameSoundCon registration coupon now! <Tech News>

September 22, 2014

Blachawk Records Signs New Distribution Deal With The ILS Group Via Its Arrangements With Caroline/Universal Music Group
New Singles and Compilation CD Diamonds In The Rough Vol 2 To Be Released! <Label News>

September 21, 2014

Patrick Joseph's New Album 'Moon King'
Pulling influences from Tom Waits to Radiohead to Elliott Smith, Joseph creates a collection of songs that compose an impressive soundscape <Music Releases>

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