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April 12, 2016

American Rocker KRIS HEATON Releases STAND UP !
Kris Heaton Band releases Best Effort to date ! ***** - Five Stars ! <Music Releases>

April 9, 2016

WILLIE BASSE / Rock For Recovery Cancer Benefit Concert #3 Is Friday APRIL 22, 2016 At The BACK BAR In Janesville, WI.
Cultural Ambassador to The Sunset Strip, WILLIE BASSE/Rock For Recovery Cancer Benefit Concert #3 is Friday APRIL 22, 2016 at The BACK BAR in Janesville, WI. <Music Events>

April 9, 2016

Ep 'Undeniable' On Target For Hot Summer Drop
MC D.N.A. Sams Releases New Music For June 2016 <Music Releases>

April 8, 2016

MusicDish*China Festival Booking/Touring, Signing, Music Releases
MusicDish*China's first 2016 tour and festival bookings, signing of UK duo Ooberfuse, two album releases and conferences media partnerships <Business News>

April 7, 2016

Raquel Aurilia Kicks Off Spring With Performances In Nashville & Glendale
Singer-Songwriter Raquel Aurilia is kicking off spring performing in Nashville and Glendale, AZ in April before hitting the road to open for John Waite on his Texas Tour in May <Band News>

April 7, 2016

Dull Unconscious Man Is Music For The Cognitive Elite!
With thunderous electronic industrial madness, Dull Unconscious Man questions the very essence of changes to the human condition in the digital age <Music Releases>

April 6, 2016

MusicDishTV Review: "Netflix And Chill" By Brentley
Brentley's "Netflix and Chill" is a top notch RnB tune <Video News>

April 6, 2016

MusicDishTV Review: "Born Beautiful" By John Mullane
Canadian recording artist John Mullane's song, "Born Beautiful", is a touching ballad <Video News>

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