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January 29, 2015

Moho Productions Artist Mirage Box Release Debut EP Contents Under Pressure
Moho Productions announce the release of the debut EP Contents Under Pressure from indie rock gods Mirage Box on February 1, 2015 <Music Releases>

January 29, 2015

RnD Twins Of Cape Town Release New Pop R&B Single
Bali Lau Entertainment Media herald the release of the first new single of 2015 from the RnD Twinz of Cape Town, South Africa. <Music Releases>

January 28, 2015

Justin Hunter Releases His Latest Album Keyism With The Lead Single, T.H.R.O.N.E.S. Which Received Airplay On Triple J, Triple R and PBS <Music Releases>

January 28, 2015

Airplay Direct Sets New Global Standard For Digital Delivery To Radio In 2015
AirPlay Direct's artist / record label membership has now swelled to over 39,000 globally! <Radio News>

January 27, 2015

Ann Kelly 'Promises' Second EP In Femme Fatale Series
Songstress Ann Kelly 6 relases new tracks <Music Releases>

January 27, 2015

New Release Features Fourteen New Tracks From The New York Singer-Songwriter <Music Releases>

January 26, 2015

N.S.U.C. Entertainment Group/E One Distribution Signs DYMG Entertainment Wunderkind DJ Young Music To Music/Film Deal
First Single, "Right Here" Leads The Way For Highly Anticipated Debut Album; Single Release January 27, 2015 <Music Releases>

January 21, 2015

Award Winning Southern Rocker Launches Indiegogo Campaign For "Outlaw In Love", The New Album By Glitter Rose
Texas female guitarist, singer/songwriter and producer Glitter Rose asks fans to help in the making of her 3rd full length studio album "Outlaw In Love" which reveals an intimate side of GR. <Music Releases>

January 20, 2015

Award-winning Sea Dance Festival Partners With UKF And TheSoundYouNeed
Sea Dance Festival is partnering with London-based media company AEI and its global music brands UKF and TheSoundYouNeed. <Music Events>

January 19, 2015

Well, Well, Well! Midland Rock Band Capture Horse Rampage On Video
Staffordshire-based grunge band SLUMBERDOG have released an animated music video for their new single 'The Well', to promote their debut album 'Orca'. <Video News>

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