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October 3, 2014

ALT ROCK GROUP LO-FI LiMO TO RELEASE NEW ALBUM "Promises" Set To Be Released November 11th 2014 Followed By Album Release Party At The Tudor House November 12th 2014
ALT ROCK GROUP LO-FI LiMO TO RELEASE NEW ALBUM "Promises" Set to be Released November 11th 2014 Followed by Album Release Party at The Tudor House November 12th 2014 <Music Releases>

October 2, 2014

TwinsMusic Enterprises Presents The 5th Edition Of Italian Jazz Day
the Italian Jazz Day commemorates Italy’s finest musicians as they get to preform in five venues in New York <Music Events>

October 1, 2014

Fr333star Announces Release Of His Brand New Electro House Single 'Bass In Your Face'
Fr333star, UK based DJ/Producer, has today announced the release of his brand new electro house single 'Bass in your Face' <Music Releases>

October 1, 2014

Sound Training Online Launches Exciting New Courses
Sound Training Online expand current list of courses with the release of 'Ableton Live With Martin Clancy' & 'Music Production in Maschine 2.0 with Will Kinsella'. 10% off Logic course with Full Til <Tech News>

October 1, 2014

New Release: Project Zenit "Again" 12" (Ohm Resistance)
What do you get when you add Timur Turisbekov, COOH/Balkansky's Ivan Shopov, and Ivo Christov together and let them write sincere, melodic electronica? The answer is Project Zenit. <Music Releases>

October 1, 2014

Be Myself, Anti-Bullying Song, By Indie Artist Craymo
The new single from indie artist Craymo, Be Myself is an upbeat, anti-bullying pop anthem about having the courage to just be yourself. <Music Releases>

September 30, 2014

Award Winning Songwriter Introduces DARA
Award winning songwriter Benjamin Dara unveils his new band DARA. Recently they joined forces with Full Fidelity Management. <Band News>

September 30, 2014

Second Hand Rose Debut "Clingy" Video; Play The East Coast This Fall
China's most seductive rock band comes to NYC, Boston, DC, Philly <Video News>

September 30, 2014

Soothing Piano Meets Passionate Tango: Fiona Joy's New Music Video For "Tango On Wednesday"
"Tango on Wednesday" is a piano instrumental song that elegantly places each note into a dream-like sequence of music <Video News>

September 30, 2014

Candela's New "So Natural" Video Is A Tropical Car Ride With A Beer-Induced, Bonfire Ending
Candela Music releases a new video directed by René Pedrosa. It is a fun, tropical and smooth ride! <Video News>

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