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May 5, 2015

Cabinet Of Millionaires' Mix Of Politics And Music
The UK electro rock group questions David Cameron's political statement before the Election Day with a electro rock music video <Video News>

May 4, 2015

Digital Music Pioneer Andre Gray Launches Demo 2.0 As A EPK Video Sharing Social Network For Musicians
DEMO 2.0 launches as a very simple and intuitive one-stop social network for musicians and other creative artists to showcase their electronic press kit videos (EPKs). <Music Releases>

May 4, 2015

Ground Wire Music Opens For Business
Jason Mozersky and Jesse Ingalls, Grammy award-winning members of Ben Harper's band Relentless 7, have launched their new boutique music writing and production company, GroundWire Music <Music Releases>

May 3, 2015

USA Tour Looming For Critically Acclaimed Tony James Shevlin
Americana/Roots artist sets out on USA tour kicking off in Nashville on 27th May <Band News>

May 3, 2015

Get Featured In Shine On Hollywood Magazine
Shine On Hollywood Magazine (SOHM) is delighted to feature artists in music, film, fashion and arts <Business News>

May 1, 2015

Southern Rock Act To Release New Single
New southern rock act Outlaws & Moonshine release debut single 'Whiskey' <Band News>

May 1, 2015

L'illon Releases CD, Warrior Angel Instrumental: Love Frequency, To Promote Feel Good Music
L'illon Album, LOVE FREQUENCY, Set in Healing 528 Hz <Music Releases>

May 1, 2015

Jared Porter Wins Country Summer Fender Contender Challenge
Jared Porter is the winner of the Fender Contender Challenge and will open Country Summer on June 5 <Music Events>

April 30, 2015

10 Months, 10 Electronic Music Releases By Worldwide Groove Corporation
Worldwide Groove Corporation put out their 10th consecutive monthly music release in their Year of the Groove,"Until I Have You", an electronic hard grooving ballad about sacred romance. <Music Releases>

April 28, 2015

Aussie Couple Ray Ramon & Jenni Ramon Win Big In Hollywood
Australia's Ray Ramon and Jenni Ramon won Best Dance Song at the Indie Music Channel Awards <Band News>

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