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September 12, 2016

Recharge Your Spirit With K. Bishop's Mind Expanding "Freedom" EP
Bishop is an inspired young artist who uses the aesthetic of hip hop to explore culture in radical and invigorating new ways. <Music Releases>

September 8, 2016

80s Retro Album From JIVE64 Completes The Nostalgic Vibes Started With 'Stranger Things'
JIVE64, the retro electro pop duo, have released their 3rd studio album covering the story of recovering from crisis and living in a conflict zone together with two 1980s cover versions <Music Releases>

September 7, 2016

Jay Salter's "Angel Of Mine" - Hit On Over 300 Radio Stations
Renowned DJ, Producer and Assistant Program Director of Rhythm - Newest Single Garners Significant Industry Attention <Radio News>

September 6, 2016

Broadjam Introduces New Service To Give Artists And Musicians Another Income Stream
Musicians' Marketplace is a place where musicians, graphic designers, filmmakers, artists, and more can meet and safely sell their music-related services. <Business News>

September 6, 2016

Ali Masego Is A New Player In Town And He Is Pure Fire
Independent rap recording artist, Ali Masego releases his anticipated EP H2O <Music Releases>

September 6, 2016

Tim Currie Of Curries Tires And TC Motown Band To Share Message Of Love At Norwalk Oyster Festival On September 11, 2016
Tim Currie the owner of 88-year old Curries Tires will close out the Norwalk Oyster Festival with his TC Motown Band on Sept 11, finale to include All You Need is Love tribute. <Music Events>

September 5, 2016

Candice Russell Releases New EP
Portland based pop singer-songwriter Candice Russell has just released her second project, an EP entitled IGNITE. <Music Releases>

September 5, 2016

Gina Love-Aguilar Composes Melodies For The Masses
Gina Love-Aguilar is a composer who has penned a trio of albums for a handful of artists over the past five years, including 2016's Dark Dusk for Dana Andreasen. <Music Releases>

August 31, 2016

Big Greg Tempts You With The Good Life On New Single "You Can Have It All"
Big Greg wrote his new single "You Can Have It All" after being inspired by the love of his aunt and uncle <Music Releases>

August 31, 2016

Kadi Cashes In On New Paper Chasing Anthem "Money"
Rapper, poet, entrepreneur and first lady of style, Kadi, knows a thing or two about the hustle. <Music Releases>

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