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August 28, 2014

Momentous Game Of Thrones Music And Video Released To Introduce Musicnotes And Jarrod Radnich Partnership
Virtuosic pianist Jarrod Radnich has partnered with digital sheet music publisher to offer his stunning arrangements of popular TV and film works, including the new Game of Thrones. <Music Releases>

August 26, 2014

GINGIO Is Set To Assist The Music Industry With Exceptional Services
GINGIO is a boutique firm known for their work ethic across the music industry in the US as well other territories worldwide <Business News>

August 26, 2014

Bongo Boy TV It's Like Watching MTV When It Was Cool
Another month, and another whack of way cool music videos in yet another episode of Bongo Boy TV Indie Music From Around The World. <Label News>

August 25, 2014

Multi-Award Winning Ray Ramon Releases New EP 'Dance All Night'
The Nigerian Born Australian Singer, Songwriter and Music Producer Ray Ramon has released his new EP <Music Releases>

August 22, 2014

LiLi Roquelin Receives "Best Pop Music Video", Pandora Radio Approval And More
LiLi Roquelin Receives "Best Pop Music Video", Pandora Radio Approval, more TV Placements, 1 Million Views on Youtube, and other exciting News <Band News>

August 21, 2014

"Breaking The Law" is the ultimate tribute to vintage & early Judas Priest. <Band News>

August 19, 2014

Plunky & Oneness Release "Never Too Late (Go-Go Remixes)" Maxi-Single
Plunky & Oneness’ 8/26/14 release of “Never Too Late Go-Go Remixes” by DJ Dyno-might features 5 go-go beat mixes of the song for R&B, hip-hop & jazz radio & club DJ’s <Music Releases>

August 19, 2014

Provocative Beijing Rockers Second Hand Rose To Play NYC, DC, Philly, Boston
China's biggest rock band announces their Useless Rock tour of the East Coast with stops in New York, Boston, Washington DC, and Philadelphia <Music Events>

August 19, 2014

New Zealand Rock Band SALT To Release New Album
5-song EP "The Greenman" Set to be Released October 31st, 2014 <Music Releases>

August 18, 2014

NC Handcrafted Ukulele To Be Raffled For LEAF
Lichty ukulele raffle benefits LEAF Community Arts Program <Music Events>

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