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June 3, 2016

Electra Mustaine Kicks Off Summer At CMAFest Before Traveling To Scotland To Host Songwriter Retreat
Country Singer-Songwriter Electra Mustaine announced a performance at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville before traveling to U.K. to host a Nashville Songwriter Retreat in Scotland June 23-28. <Band News>

June 3, 2016

Janet Fisher And Rance Pinao Represent Hawaii Island On National Parks CD
Songwriters Janet Fisher and Rance Pinao's song, "Fly Manu Fly", has been selected to represent Hawaii for National Park release. <Career Announcements>

June 2, 2016

Girl Power Tour Starring Zaina Juliette Big Show In Las Vegas July 30
A benifit Concert for Empowerment of Females, Helping Make the World a Better Place, & a Awesome Show! <Music Events>

June 1, 2016

Mysterium Music To Preview Native American Flute Album By Micki Free At MIDEM
Renowned relaxation & meditation label Mysterium Music will release the artist's new album The Native American Flute as Therapy in August 2016 <Label News>

May 31, 2016

Adva Mobile Fan Engagement Score (ES) A Game Changer For Learning Who Your Superfans Are
New Mobile Technology Scores Fan Engagement on Artist Web Apps and Ranks Fans by Loyalty <Tech News>

May 31, 2016

Cpop Goes Global With KKBOX And Twitter
KKBOX and Cpop artists to create exclusive #OnlyOnTwitter content to share with the world <Video News>

May 31, 2016

Marcel Alexander Debuts Official 'Lay Up' Music Video
Directed by Chilly-O, the new video is a slick, stunningly shot journey through the charismatic new track <Video News>

May 28, 2016

Singer Rainbow Chan Guest DJ On China's Kanjian FM
In its first month, "Nest" had over 16,000 listens, with the song climbing to #4 on Kanjian's Top 50 ING chart <Radio News>

May 28, 2016

Rachel Espendez Releases Her Spin On Shawn Mendes' Pop Hit Song "Stitches"
"Stitches" by Rachel Espendez brings you a fresh perspective on the song you have grown to know and love. Her performance is a cross between pop, electronic & acoustic genres. Now available on iTunes. <Music Releases>

May 28, 2016

John Keenan’s New Album, "The Illusion Of Logic" All Set To Make Buzz In June
Artist and producer John Keenan releases his third self produced hip hop album "The Illusion of Logic" through indie label Full Circle Entertainment June 3, 2016. <Music Releases>

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