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November 14, 2017

Take Off On A Voyage Of Musical Discovery With PLVNE
Where is PLVNE going? Where did PLVNE come from? <Music Releases>

November 13, 2017

Cinq Music Acquires T.I. Catalog
Cinq Music, a technology-driven record label, music distribution and rights-management company, has acquired multi-Grammy winning rapper T.I.'s catalog from Warner Music Group <Business News>

November 10, 2017

LOVE MY COUNTRY! Is The Ultimate Compilation Series Featuring 20 Hot New Hits
Compilation Series Featuring 20 Hot New Hits by the Hottest Breakout Artists in Country Music - Vol. 1 Out Now - Giving True Music Lovers More of What They Love! <Music Releases>

November 9, 2017

Rick Vines All Stars Travel To SPACE! Mon Dec 4th!
This unique album pre-release event features some of the most talented musicians in Chicago and a portion of all tickets sales benefit Variety Club Children's Charity <Music Events>

November 9, 2017

Getting Restless
Chile Colorado is a three-piece power band from Monterey, California <Music Releases>

November 7, 2017

Your Favorite Color Releases "Heartache"
New single produced by Joshua Brooks at Hybrid Studios <Music Releases>

November 6, 2017

MusicDish Review: Canadian Singer-Songwriter Melvin Alan's "Wonderful Life"
"Wonderful Life" is uplifting and powerful, a song that leaves space for minds to pause and reflect on life <Video News>

November 5, 2017

Pablo Miramontes Popularly Known As "Talent" Releases His First New Single Music Track "NIGHTLIFE"
Pablo Miramontes popularly known as TALENT, a Las Vegas multi-talented fast rising music artist that is known for evoking high flying deeds when it comes to making a difference through music. <Music Releases>

November 2, 2017

Melvin Alan Album "Wonderful Life"
The album was produced and recorded by Eric Mosher (AC/DC, Nickelback, Keith Urban) in the legendary Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC <Music Releases>

November 2, 2017

MusicDish*China Latest China Label Music Releases And Charts
Several tracks from these releases have charted on Chinese music portal Kanjian ING Top 10 Weekly Chart <Music Releases>

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