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January 20, 2016

Jive64 Make A 'Resolution' For 2016 We All Need To Hear... Let Me Take You Back To The Electronic Age...
Resolutions' harks back to a time when synthesisers, fashion and great songs ruled the airwaves. <Music Releases>

January 20, 2016

The Tables Are Turning Again With Microgrooves (HD, Digital & Green T) Vinyl Record Formats
Inventor Andre Gray launches Microgrooves HD, Microgrooves Digital and Microgrooves Green T vinyl record formats nomenclature for those who still love & prefer the sound of vinyl records. <Tech News>

January 19, 2016

Inches From Sin Brings Their Latest Release "Bridgewater Triangle" To Bongo Boy Records For Worldwide Distribution And Promotions On Television And Radio
Inches From Sin's music covers many genres from Rock, Pop, Rap, Blues, Blue Grass Funk, New Age, Country, Americana, and Folk <Label News>

January 19, 2016

Get Loose "Wiggle"
Big Mike Clemons New Single Entitled "WIGGLE" <Music Releases>

January 18, 2016

International Crossover Artist Chop Z Dices The Competition On New E.P. Freeformed
Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, LHK Recordings' Chop Z has an engaging and infectious sound which is sure to make waves internationally with all those who love urban music <Music Releases>

January 16, 2016

Alicia G Releases Her Hot New Single "Pretty Girl" Music And Lyrical Video WorldWide, Through LRT Music Group
Alicia G has opened up for the GooGoo Dolls and is ready to prepare for her own tour after her other hit songs are released. Alicia G has been doing radio Interviews and International radio play. <Music Releases>

January 13, 2016

Cannabis Club ATL "ICU" January 2016 Release Date
Group's 2nd., single Produced by Beat Monster DJ Plugg! <Music Releases>

January 13, 2016

Tamipolysexual Housing Crisis
London singer-songwriter Tamipolysexual knows only too well the harsh realities of the "Housing Crisis" <Music Releases>

January 13, 2016

China Rock Exhibition/Seminar Explores Beijing Experimental Scene
Gao Jiafeng will be participating in our event, sharing his experience of the Beijing experimental music scene and sharing it here in NYC <Music Events>

January 11, 2016

ACRCloud Powers The Launch Of Taiwan's First Music/Humming Recognition Service For Omusic
millions of Omusic service users will now be able to recognize music playing in their background environment <Business News>

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