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September 26, 2016

Singer-Songwriter Natalie Jean Wins Big At 2016 Josie Music Awards
Best Musical Collaboration & World Artist of the Year <Band News>

September 22, 2016

Rob Chiarelli "Winning" Another #1 Album
Rob Chiarelli & Warryn Campbell "Winning" with Charles Jenkins new album "Think About These Things" <Music Releases>

September 20, 2016

4 Entertainment Announces New Management Signing Of Ted Nash
Grammy-nominated jazz musician and composer Ted Nash joins 4 Entertainment’s artist roster. <Label News>

September 19, 2016

Lynne Taylor Donovan Releases New Single
Lynne releases Am I Dreaming the follow-up to the hugely successful number one hit single The Strong One <Music Releases>

September 19, 2016

'Ecstatic Rhythms 2 EP' Is Splitbrain's 2nd Release
Splitbrain remains devoted to his signature Acid Tribal musical style but this time enhanced with ethno-melodic elements <Music Releases>

September 19, 2016

Vas Leon Presents ... Krossover
London artist VAS LEON is thrilled to announce the release of his debut LP 'Krossover' available everywhere on 2nd September <Music Releases>

September 16, 2016

Project-TO - The White Side, The Black Side
An italian, authorial project of electronic/visual music formed by the well-known sound experimenter Riccardo Mazza (Chick Corea, Franco Battiato), videomaker Laura Pol and keyboardist Carlo Bagini. <Music Releases>

September 14, 2016

8mm To Release Remix EP Of "Everybody Says"
8mm To Release Remix EP of "Everybody Says" on 9/14 - Featured on "You're The Worst" on Fox/FX <Music Releases>

September 12, 2016

Mix Engineer Rob Chiarelli Enjoys His Sixth #1 Of 2016
Rob Chiarelli enjoys his sixth #1 of 2016 with "1 2 3 Victory" by Kirk Franklin <Music Releases>

September 12, 2016

Viral Artist Bryson Morris Considered To Be The Next MattyB Of Hip Hop
Aspiring Young Rapper Bryson Morris Uploads His Debut Music Video Going Viral in Under One Week and Considered to be the Next MattyB of Hip Hop <Video News>

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