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March 7, 2017

MusicDish Review: Robert Kramer Music Video "King Of Hearts"
Kramer presents his newest music video "King of Hearts" from his latest release "Shadow Logic", a musical smorgasbord of musical styles <Video News>

March 6, 2017

Jay-D Presents His Monumental New Album 'Before I Rise'
One of the most conscientious rappers in the UK, Jay-D breaks new ground with his latest album 'Before I Rise' <Music Releases>

March 4, 2017

Joe Da Pro Is Ready For Success This Summer
Atlanta Georgia's "Joe Da Pro" is ready for success this summer and he wants you to know it <Music Releases>

March 3, 2017

Shrapnel Records To Release Count's 77's Second Record "Soul Transfusion" March 10th 2017
Count's 77, a hard rock band from Las Vegas, is fronted by lead singer Danny "Count" Koker, star of HISTORY's hit series, "Counting Cars" <Music Releases>

March 3, 2017

Bongo Boy Records Proudly Presents 'Stop Pushing Love Away' The Upcoming Pop Single By The Pete V Project
'Stop Pushing Love Away' is a drum and bass infused pop track with a haunting saxophone solo delivered by the formidable Antonio Campbell and showcases Marie's sublime vocals <Music Releases>

March 1, 2017

Legendary Musicians & Execs Form Alliance To Celebrate & Gain Respect For Funk Music Genre That Still Proves Highly Influential On Todays Pop, Hip Hop & Dance Music Genres
New Movement Includes Monthly FUNK HOUSE Concerts in Key Western Cities, a Series of FUNK Compilation Albums <Business News>

February 28, 2017

Hybrid Studios Hosts HSYAT Battle Of The Bands 2017
Sundive of Woodbridge High School wins grand prize <Music Events>

February 23, 2017

Singer-Songwriter Angela Predhomme Gaining Exposure, Recognition
Her song "Let It Fall" was recently featured on Lifetime TV's "Dance Moms" <Career Announcements>

February 23, 2017

Los Angeles - Gale Forces New Album "Strawberry Peak" Releases March 7th Record Release Show At El Cid Friday, February 24th
Up and coming Artist, Jade Devitt of Gale Forces will be introducing his first full length album "Strawberry Peak" on March 7th, 2017 <Music Releases>

February 21, 2017

DJ Miss Tara Presents The Video For Her New Single 'Invincible'
The remarkable new video for DJ Miss Tara's latest single, 'Invincible' depicts a combination of acrobatics and fire dancers <Music Releases>

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