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September 22, 2015

222 Premiere Video For New Single "One Night Stand"
Single / Video From Their Debut Album Libretto Is A Rock 'N' Roll Tale of One Night Stands, Stalking, and... <Music Releases>

September 22, 2015

So Looney Shares New Single "Party & BS"
Following on from her previous buoyant releases "Shut Up", "Alter Ego" and "B.A.R.S", Dallas based artist So Looney <Music Releases>

September 21, 2015

Michal Menert To Release New Live Band EP Before Coast-to-Coast Tour
This September Michal Menert releases a debut studio album from his six-piece live band, Michal Menert and the Pretty Fantastics, before heading on a 36-date tour across the U.S. <Music Releases>

September 19, 2015

Chinese Indie Rock: Song Dongye 宋冬野, New Pants 新裤子乐队, Hedgehog 刺猬乐队, And Miserable Faith ĭ
Get to know the four Chinese acts playing the Modern Sky Festival New York on October 4, Modern Sky x Culture Collide Chinese Indie Night in Los Angeles October 9, and the Modern Sky Festival Seattle <Music Events>

September 18, 2015

Whitney Peyton Drops New Single "It's All Good" & Hits The Road With Fronzilla
Whitney Peyton has released a brand new single entitled "It's All Good" featuring Sounds online via all digital platforms and online <Music Releases>

September 17, 2015

Moonshine Bandits Announce Headlining Tour With Angels Cut & Pruno
Central California outlaws The Moonshine Bandits are about to get back out on the road and raising some hell on their headlining tour with Angels Cut and California rapper Pruno <Music Releases>

September 16, 2015

Brig Feltus - The Hungry Beast Sessions
Today, we present you with the latest offering from Los Angeles-based rising star Brig Feltus <Music Releases>

September 16, 2015

Raquel Aurilia Launches New Music Video "Shattered" Using Tattoo Artistry For Stunning Visual Effect
Singer-Songwriter Raquel Aurilia released her first music video "Shattered" today and the visual effects are stunning thanks to the artistry of renowned tattoo artist Brandon Hanna <Video News>

September 15, 2015

Alternative/Pop Duo The Fame Riot Announce Debut EP Entitled "Dust Funk"
Seattle based alternative/pop duo The Fame Riot announces their debut EP entitled "DUST FUNK" featuring nine original tracks, slated for release Tuesday October 13, 2015 <Music Releases>

September 15, 2015

Bongo Boy Records Is SHINING With Excitement To Present This American Garage Rocker Gar Francis And His EP SHINE ON To Asian Fans
Gar Francis indeed shines his musical talent through "clouds of pink majestic skies" as he uses lyrics like "baby boomers sit back and take view, graffiti masters Peter Max tattoos. <Label News>

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