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May 10, 2016

Indie Folk Artist Releases Cancer Tribute
The Weathervane CD is written largely from his mother’s perspective and is part of a larger cancer awareness project by the same name <Music Releases>

May 9, 2016

Lynne Taylor Donovan Tops Charts
"Strong One" Hits NUMBER ONE on European Charts <Radio News>

May 6, 2016

Croatian Hip Hop Artists Connect Headline Europe's Biggest Water Balloon Fight
Water Balloon Challenge is a more than a festival, it is Europe’s Biggest Water Balloon Fight <Music Events>

May 6, 2016

Corey Andrew Commands "Everybody Up!" With His First Solo Dance Single On Xcalibur Records
After years of stellar collaborations as a featured vocalist for some of the biggest names in the business, Corey Andrew has released his first ever, solo dance single, "Everybody Up!" <Label News>

May 5, 2016

Those Damn Eyes To Release Debut Single And Video "Mysterious Mixture"
Those Damn Eyes exudes powerful, sexy aggression through its sonic display of heavy-pop-rock. <Music Releases>

May 5, 2016

Rob Chiarelli And Greg Pagani Top The Charts
Grammy winning mix engineer Rob Chiarelli is at the top of the charts with Johnny Gill's #1 Urban/AC single, "This One's For Me N You" <Music Releases>

May 1, 2016

Christian Accompaniment Tracks Site New Launch May 2016 has over 800+ instrumental mp3s available for live worship in churches and venues <Web Events>

April 30, 2016

MusicDish*China Produces French Jazz Singer Clotilde's 4th Asia Tour
The tour is supported by Chinese label Stallian Era, Minimal Radio and music portal Kanjian <Music Events>

April 28, 2016

Zen2u Releases Album "Echoes Of Industry"
Red Filter Sounds presents a new album of ambient electronic music "Echoes of Industry" by Zen2u <Music Releases>

April 28, 2016

MarilynMusic Is Excited To Announce Their New YouTube Music Channel
Casey Conrad and Michael Gaines of MarilynMusic continue to write and produce new material at their East and West coast studios <Video News>

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