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October 26, 2014

Part Time Music - Kryptic
'Part Time Music' delves into Kryptic's struggles to uphold a balanced lifestyle, faced with the demands of university studies, part-time work and the chase for an independent music career all at once <Music Releases>

October 23, 2014

"Thanks" For The LP! A New Sound For Indie Rock
Hailing from Florida, the Indie Rock band "Thanks" has put together an LP that not only encompasses Indie Rock <Music Releases>

October 23, 2014

Innovative Music Tech Company FanDistro Announces Appointment Of Steve Tramposch
FanDistro, the music industry leader in crowdsourced marketing, is proud to announce the appointment of Steve Tramposch as Managing Director - Strategic Partnerships. <Career Announcements>

October 23, 2014

Life Is So Much Better "Under The Sun"; New Music Video By Invisible Poet Kings
Invisible Poet Kings demonstrates their vision of positivity by getting outside in the sunshine and enjoying a little time with friends <Video News>

October 23, 2014

S T A R G R O V E S Celebrates Debut Album Release With Live Performance In New York City -- Actress Abigail Breslin Joins Band On Stage And Stargroves Reveals Two New Songs
STARGROVES album release featuring Actress Abigail Breslin. Reviewed by Perez Hilton and MTV Buzzworthy. Indie rock greatest hits: Stars, Sigur Ros, and Freelance Whales felt in group’s sound. <Music Releases>

October 23, 2014

Nyakz Feels So 'Emotionless' On His New Single
The 'Right Now' Hitmaker is back with his second single after sending shockwaves through the underground scene with his first release <Music Releases>

October 23, 2014

Indie Anthems Mixtape Curates List Of Artists That Deserve Deals After CMJ Music Marathon
Released at CMJ Music Marathon in New York City this week Indie Anthems Vol. 9 delivers tastemakers a curated hit list of artists worthy of deals at CMJ <Music Releases>

October 22, 2014

Denon® Partners With Waves To Include MaxxAudio® In Their Next-Generation Speakers And Audio Systems
Waves Audio and Denon Electronics have announced a strategic partnership which pairs Waves MaxxAudio® technologies with Denon’s latest cutting-edge portable and networked speaker system designs. <Tech News>

October 22, 2014

Phoenix Hip Hop Star Changes Name For New Release
Formerly MC Pennywise, Writers Guild MC changes his name and style for his new album "You Can All Die Now" <Career Announcements>

October 21, 2014

James Hand Releases New Country-Gospel Album Stormclouds In Heaven
Veteran singer/songwriter James "Slim" Hand's newest and sixth album, Stormclouds In Heaven, is now available for your listening pleasure <Music Releases>

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