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April 22, 2016

Jake Clayton Releases "By The Light Of The Moon" Video & Opens For Cole Swindell On April 23rd
Jake Clayton will be taking his electric live show on the road this weekend opening for country superstar Cole Swindell in Columbia, MO <Music Releases>

April 20, 2016

MusicDish*China @ GMIC Beijing 2016
MusicDish*China is pleased to be a media partner of Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) Beijing being held at China National Convention Center in Beijing's Olympic Park on April 28 - May 2 <Music Events>

April 20, 2016

MusicDish*China @ MEF Connects China
MusicDish*China is proud to be participating as a media partner in Mobile Ecosystem Forum's inaugural MEF Connects China in Beijing <Music Events>

April 19, 2016

The Blue Danes Release Highly Anticipated Debut Album "Invisible And Untouchable"
Cedar Falls-based alt-rock band, The Blue Danes have released their debut album "Invisible And Untouchable" on Chicago label Loki Valhalla Productions <Music Releases>

April 18, 2016

Dream Rock Duo, Maheekats, Releases EUREKA
PsychPop band releases epic single <Music Releases>

April 17, 2016

Obsidian - Throw It Back With Their Latest, 'XV'
Obsidian - 70's Inspired Rock for a Modern World <Music Releases>

April 16, 2016

MusicDish*China Premieres Rainbow Chan's Music Video "Nest"
"Nest" is a love song with an enchanting hybrid of Japanese electronic production and RnB hooks <Video News>

April 14, 2016

Hot New Synthpop Recording Artist Christine Lee Releasing Album 'Cool Feeling' In Time For Summer
Christine Lee is a new synthpop recording artist whose album, Cool Feeling, successfully fuses today's modern pop style with retro sounds of the 80s and 90s <Music Releases>

April 13, 2016

Robert Kramer Releases New Single In Honor Of Billy Joels' "Piano Man" Induction By The National Recording Preservation Board
Chicago Musician Pens "Just Another Piano Man" In Homage Of Billy Joel Hit <Music Releases>

April 13, 2016

Shifting Shape Of Alternative Rock Music: Shy Shape
Alternative Rock Band Shy Shape Carves Out Niche in Ever-changing Rock Music Landscape <Band News>

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