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October 22, 2018

New Zealand-based Contemporary Jazz Band GroovExpress Rumbles To #1 On Billboard's Contemporary Jazz Albums Chart With 3rd CD Amsterdaam
8-piece band GroovExpress, made a mighty leap from #9 to #1 on Billboard magazine's Contemporary Jazz Albums chart! <Music Releases>

October 20, 2018

Anders Helmerson "Quantum House Project"
New Album: Anders Helmerson "Quantum House Project" releases on 3rd November 2018 <Music Releases>

October 19, 2018

Triple Addiction Gaining Momentum Without New Music
NJ rock band infused with country and blues is gaining popularity and they haven't put out new music in over 2 years <Band News>

October 19, 2018

The International Radio Festival Announce Final Line Up Of Radio Stations
Broadcasting from Piazza D'Armi in Valletta, Malta <Radio News>

October 19, 2018

INVISIBLE FORCES By The Whispering Tree Tops The Charts As The #1 Album On Folk Radio For September
Franco-American folk rock duo, The Whispering Tree were the most played artist on the International Folk DJ Chart for September 2018 and their new release, Invisible Forces was the #1 album, with four <Music Releases>

October 12, 2018

Tony Carlucci & Dynamic Destony Releases New LP "A New Day"
Dynamic Destony has just released their hard hitting, exciting and energetic LP called "A New Day" which is available on all digital platforms, and on CD at, and <Music Releases>

October 8, 2018

Laura Angelini Makes Birthday World Event
Singer Laura Angelini turns her birthday celebration into an international mission to help heal children of Peru <Music Events>

October 4, 2018

Killer Tracks Delivers The Music For A NASA Moon Video
Music from the library's ICON collection featured in new video presenting stunning 4K views of the lunar surface <Label News>

September 27, 2018

John Keenan Taking It To The Next Level
John Keenan Returns Ready To Take It All To The Next Level - Late Bloomer Releasing Oct 12th <Music Releases>

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