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August 18, 2015

Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Six Goes To Asia
Look For These Artists Barbara Kiss, Jon Mullane, Amycanbe, Inches From Sin, Secret Lie, Full Body Tones, Daniel Amedee, and Hizreturn In Asia. <Label News>

August 16, 2015

Dirty Lowdown & Dominican Don To Release New Single Tributing Michael Jackson
"Just a Little Bit of You" is a song from the 1975 Michael Jackson album titled Forever, Michael <Music Releases>

August 14, 2015

IES 15 - The Indie Entertainment Summit A Resounding Success
Global Attendees Treated to Amazing Industry Leaders & Superstars in Seminars, Workshops, Keynotes, IES Honors & Performances <Music Events>

August 14, 2015

IES 15 Brought The Urban World Together & World Premiered New NWA Documentary With Exclusive Q&A With Film Director & Producers, Among Other Landmark Summit Panels & Keynotes
This year's IES URBAN HONORS for IES 15 included a major Tribute to & Launch Party for the N.W.A long awaited movie 'STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON' <Music Events>

August 13, 2015

London Based Emcee Original One Drops New Single "We Rock Dis Place" Ft. HardLee ParTee
With the weekend in sight, Hackney-based Original One is celebrating by sharing his new upbeat single "We Rock Dis Place" <Music Releases>

August 13, 2015

Melissa B. Signs Worldwide Exclusive Publishing Agreement With USA Media Rights
USA Media Rights has through its BMI affiliate Creative Songwriters Music signed a publishing deal with American recording artist and songwriter Melissa B. <Label News>

August 13, 2015

Journey Through A Forest With New Colourz Release 'Nemodom'
The new single 'Nemodom' by cinematica duo Colourz sets a musical landscape for a journey through a forest <Music Releases>

August 13, 2015

THE POLICE Manager & Music Mogul MILES COPELAND Delivers Keynote Interview At IES 15
THE POLICE Manager & Music Mogul MILES COPELAND Talks Turning a $1800 Recording into a Billion Dollar brand & Starting a Global Touring Empire <Business News>

August 12, 2015

Thane Drops New International Dance-Pop Single
Thane and Juan Madrid release new international progressive pop track "Over" <Music Releases>

August 12, 2015

Recently Released From The Feds, Former Playboy TV Producer Ken Francis Inks "Buckwild" YouTube Deal With Fullscreen, Inc.
New episodes of "The Buckwild Show" air every Tuesday and new airings of "In The Lab" premiere every Thursday on "The Buckwild Show" YouTube Channel. <Web Events>

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