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September 20, 2018

Royale - Playground (Single)
Royale has a brand new Hip Hop release, "Playground" on Casanova Records that is sure to be a Fall/Winter hit. <Music Releases>

September 1, 2018

Make A Wish With Catherine Duc's 'Stargazing' Remix Of Ben Hobbs' 'Blind To You'
UK singer/songwriter Ben Hobbs teams up with Grammy nominees Catherine Duc and Gene Grimaldi on his latest remix <Music Releases>

August 30, 2018

Asian Pop Queen Celest Releases Debut English Single/Video "I Got Him"
First taste for North American & European pop music fans of "Most Captivating Voice in Singapore" <Music Releases>

August 17, 2018

David Longoria, Laura Angelini To Perform For Charity Event Benefitting Peruvian Children
Multiple awards winning artist David Longoria and international singer Laura Angelini will perform In Downey, California for music charity bringing medical help to children in Peru. <Music Events>

August 16, 2018

Cinq Music Partners With Janet Jackson For First Independent Release On Her Rhythm Nation Records
Janet Jackson has partnered with Indie distributor, label and publisher Cinq Music fg and distribution agreement through her label Rhythm Nation Records <Label News>

August 15, 2018

Rick Vines Debut Release "So Happy!"
A much anticipated Hey Man! Records release from Rick Vines All-Stars <Music Releases>

August 14, 2018

IES 18 Explodes With WARPED Kevin Lyman’s 1st Appearance After 24 Year Run
Induction of Michael Jackson-AC/DC-Megadeth-LedZeppelin+25 Stellar Panels with Who's Who of Industry's Cutting Edge Leaders! <Music Events>

August 12, 2018

indieOn Connects Music To The Blockchain And Creates Better Experiences For Artists And Music Fans
indieOn is confident of creating a "music miner" who listens more and grow their Token value <Business News>

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