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July 21, 2017

Wanna Dig Into Surf Music. Bongo Boy Records Gnarly Wave Volume Two By Various Artist
Includes surf music by Los Surfer Compadres, Dylan McGuire, Susan SurfTone, The SpyTones, Les Fradkin, TarantinosNYC, 9th Wave, Tsunami Of Sound, Avante Gar and The Derangers <Music Releases>

July 20, 2017

Blue Martinez
Hip Hop's Up and Coming New Artist <Music Releases>

July 19, 2017

What's Next In Music?
Lithuania's leading showcase festival and international music industry conference on innovations and new opportunities, organized by the Lithuanian Music Business Association <Music Events>

July 19, 2017

GoDigital Media Group Completes 20mm Series B Funding For Cinq Music
GoDigital Media Group, a media and technology company focused on intellectual property rights management, has infused Los Angeles based Cinq Music with $20mm in series B funding. <Business News>

July 18, 2017

Escape To Tranzotica
New Age, relaxation instrumental music, played with organic world string instruments mixed with synth textures <Music Releases>

July 18, 2017

Bongo Boy Records Gospel Blues Volume One By Various Artists A Must Have.
Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band, Barb Maxey, Bob Birthisel, Mandy Brooks, Terry Fellers,Wily Bo Walker, The Rev Jimmie Bratcher, Bill Irwin,Ben Miller,Gar Francis, Hallelujah Blues Band, K.L. Williams <Music Releases>

July 14, 2017

Versatile Haitian American Singer/Songwriter Natalie Jean Releases New World Album
Natalie Jean is a very rare kind of vocalist winning recognition across the most diverse of musical genres and quite comfortable performing in English, French and Creole <Music Releases>

July 13, 2017

Sound Behavior Troupe Take A Swipe At Bay Area PC Culture In Latest Single
"East Bay Chubby Luv" harkens back to the social satire of Frank Zappa's 'Valley Girl', against an energetic background of traditional rhythm and blues <Music Releases>

July 12, 2017

Handshake & Ice Cream Helps Artists Monetize Their Facebook Followers
Imagine Metallica air fresheners in the shape of their logo or Justin Bieber fans sporting an air freshener with his image and the text "I'M A BELIEBER" <Business News>

July 11, 2017

Atlanta Hip Hop Artist Shows Raw Potential
Atlanta Georgia's "Joe Da Pro" shows raw potential on his freshman EP <Music Releases>

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