Rick Vines All Stars Travel To SPACE! Mon Dec 4th!
[Nov 9, 2017]

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Sound: http://youtu.be/OALUWgjmVpY

Rick Vines is bringing his All Star Band and some very special musical guests to SPACE in Evanston on Monday Dec 4th for a unique album pre-release concert.

Expect some surprises and some magic!

"Getting all of these amazing musicians together in one of the best venues in the city is really a dream come true! They are all so incredibly busy that Monday night was the only night I could wrangle them all together!"

The show features two sets of music, one from Chicago area all-stars (Steve Dawson, Brad Cole, Emily White, Robinlee Garber, Natalie Gaza, and more) performing their favorite Vines compositions and a second set with the All Star Band (Chris Siebold, Gerald Dowd, Tad Santos, and Dave Gordon) performing songs off of the album.

A portion of every ticket sale goes to benefit Variety Club Children's Charity.

The event is a twin celebration of Vines' impending release of his album "So Happy" and his 60th birthday.

It will be a party!

Cake will be served.

Tickets: https://goo.gl/9GMdAV

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