Zarabanda @ First Friday


Friday December 7, 7-10 PM (FREE): The City of Miami Beach presents "FIRST FRIDAY", featuring Zarabanda Band at Normandy Fountain. Zarabanda Band emerged in the late ’90s. They were originally contracted as the house band for the Zarabanda restaurant owned by renowned Cuban singer Willy Chirino. Within a few months Chirino was so impressed with how tight the band sounded that he asked them to be his official backing band. Zarabanda traveled with Chirino for a period of 5 years, performing both nationally and internationally. They have performed for audiences in New York city, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Cancún, Panama city, the Canary Islands, and Spain just to name a few.

Normandy Fountain is located at Normandy Drive & Rue Vendome in North Beach. Table service is available from local restaurants. Music Courtesy of KCC Productions


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