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Allison Becomes one of the most talked-about bands at South by Southwest (SXSW)

03-30-2007 | Band News

Playing three packed showcases, Allison bridges cultural barriers with the most exuberant rock show in any language

LOS ANGELES, CA March 23, 2007-- Performing at exclusive showcases attended by influential media, industry pros, and line-braving fans, ALLISON brought all the whirlwind energy and punk excitement of their live show to demanding Austin, Texas, audiences who've seen it all.

This Mexico City foursome was one of the most talked-about artists at this year's SXSW Music Festival, the annual March tradition in Austin that brings together creative luminaries from all over the world.

ALLISON kicked things off on Wednesday, March 14, the first night of the music festival, headlining a five-band rock-en-Español extravaganza at Opal Divine's Freehouse that also included such alter-Latina favorites as Mezklah, Austin TV, La Gusana Ciega, and Zoe.

Bass player and founding member Manolín made it clear that ALLISON was there to rock harder than any band at SXSW, bar none. Recalling the band's underground roots, he gave a shout out to the legendary Mexico City rock venue Foro Alicia, where the band began getting noticed a few years ago for its gale-force show and compact, irresistible songs.

Fans sang along to roaring, gut-kicking punk-rock opuses such as "Frágil," "Me Cambió" and "Perdido," from Allison, the band's debut album, released August 2006, in the U.S. The audience was abuzz with VIPs, as executives from SXSW, BMI, Motorola, and band members from the legendary Café Tacuba took in the showcase.

ALLISON rocked just as hard at the second showcase, in another show-closing thrill ride that took place Friday at The Rio. Also featuring Alih Jey, Los Abandoned and Mexican Institute of Sound.

ALLISON again proved its barrier-shattering appeal by performing at the Wide World of Warp showcase at Emo's. As an early-afternoon showcase, there was some concern as to turnout. But in true ALLISON do-it-yourself form, the members hustled for attendees out front, and Manolín promoted the set by lying on the floor while sporting a cardboard costume announcing the showtime.

ALLISON, in fact, plans to join the Warped Tour for several months this year as one of the festival's few Spanish-language artists.

ALLISON's music, energy, and songwriting simply demand that the group be embraced on its own terms without any cultural labels or preconceptions.

As a band that's worked its way up from nothing and been plugged into the MySpace revolution ( since before the social-networking site was a household term, ALLISON has a D-I-Y ethos that speaks to SXSW's iconoclastic spirit. Not only has ALLISON won over a new community of fans, it's also blazed a trail for other Spanish-speaking artists who believe it's long past time to be taken seriously in the U.S.A.

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