July 29, 2017
Artista Urbano Lokixximo Casi Millonario En Bolsa De Valores Las Ganancias De Groupon, De Lokixximo, Crecieron Más De Lo Esperado En El Primer
Tiempo Libre En Arts Garage 7 Julio Viernes, 7 De Julio A Las 8 PM: El Tres Veces Grupo De Música Cubano Nominado Al Grammy Tiempo Libre Llega A Arts Garage.
Dr. Ed Calle En Arts Garage 15 De Julio Calle, Con Sede En El Sur De La Florida, De Origen Venezolano, Es Ganadora De Un Grammy Latino Y Cinco Veces Nominada Al Grammy Latino. Es Un Primer Saxofonista Y Un Músico Que Ha Tocado En Más De 1.2
Blue Note Entertainment Group Expands To South America Blue Note Rio To Open August 2017
Luis Bofill En Arts Garage Viernes, 23 De Junio El Reconocido Artista Latino Luis Bofill Llega A Arts Garage El Viernes 23 De Junio A Las 8 PM. Después De Actuar En Su Cuba Natal, Luis Bofill Viajó A Europa, Donde Hizo Su Hogar.
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I want to add a little more Latin spice to the game and encourage all colors to come together @eddiec_smr

07-04-2017 | Music Releases

Where are you from?
Eddie C. Is from Culmore, falls church, VA. Born of Central American decent from Salvadoran mother and Honduran Father.

Describe your sound?
My sound is of a mixture of cultures that I grew up on, I listened to a lot of East coast Rap and hip hop, a lot of Spanish music, reggae and electronic, I'm about having fun with music and wanting people to bob their head to getting up and dancing.

Tell us about your latest tracks?
My latest tracks are about expressing myself from stating that I'm not one to mess with to telling a girl that I loved to piss off and trying to switch up the game a little because there aren't a lot Heavy hitter Latinos in the hip hop scene and I wanted to show my versatility in English and Spanish.

What inspires you?
What inspires me? My family inspires me, my son inspires me, People inspire me, people working their ass off to make a dream or goal in life happen, people who come here with nothing but are so spirituality rich, I express myself for those who cannot.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself traveling the world doing what I love , entertaining people making them think outside of the box.

Where can we check out your music?
You can check out my music along with the rest of the SMR crew (our record label ) on Datpiff, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, amazon music, google music, Deezer, 7 digital, Emusic.

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