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Rascasuelos at Faena Theater, Miami Beach Mar 22 only

03-08-2017 | Music Events

WED. MARCH 22, 8PM & 10PM
The orchestra at the vanguard of tango in Argentina, Rascasuelos return to the US for the first time since the group’s premiere performance at New York City’s prestigious Carnegie Hall for one night only - Faena Theater, Miami Beach, on Wednesday March 22, 2017.

A seven-piece orchestra featuring musicians from the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires, Rascasuelos emerge from deep within the tension, chaos, and recovery that encapsulates the social-historical narrative of Argentina. The vision becomes complete with the virtuosi in tango, ballet and contemporary dance.

Steeped in erotic perfume emanating from the streets of Buenos Aires, Rascasuelos is becoming the contemporary accompaniment to a society whose streets remain forever on fire. In this sense, Rascasuelos reflect the counter-culture to the post-truth politics of today.

Faena Theater is located at: 3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Tel: (305) 534 8800.

Tickets range from $45 to $250 (Premium Seats, Dinner & Show) at:


Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017.
Doors Open and Dinner Serve 7:00pm
Show Time 8:00pm

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017.
Doors Open 9:30pm
Show Time 10:00pm
Small plates are available, not included in ticket price.

For booking inquiries please contact KCC Productions, 305-332-26623

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