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Singer songwriter David Louthan Hits All The Right Notes With His ReverbNation Fans
December 7, 2009


With his blend of folk, country, and psychedelic rock, US singer songwriter David Louthan has wowed the fans at his latest social network destination

He is currently at #14 in his local chart for Palmyra on the Reverbnation site, and is enjoying the journey of discovery social networks are offering to him as an independent artist.

Commenting on his latest social media project, David said today, "I really love the Reverbnation site, its great for the widgets for blogger and facebook which is helping me build a loyal fanbase. I'm tracking a lot of hits through it already after just a few weeks".

Simon Adams, of leading music promotion site MyMusicSuccess.Com also commented on the determination and hard work that David Louthan puts into his social networking efforts as an independent musician. "David Louthan must be by far the most prolific social networking artist I have come across. David has fast tracked a loyal following of fans across all the social networks and with his recent addition of Reverbnation viral widgets, I can only see his following continue to grow at a tremendous speed. It takes determination and real effort to succeed with your music online, and David Louthan is a shining example of combining great music, hard work, and new technology to build his music career fan by fan."

About David Louthan

Growing up in Darlington Pennsylvania, David Louthan started out developing his musical skills by picking up a guitar at age 13, and this self produced singer songwriter has never looked back.

David cites a diverse range of influences on his MySpace page, from the retro sounds of Tom petty, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Jim Hendrix, The Doors, to the slightly later sound of bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Visit David Louthans ReverbNation site and join his fan list at

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